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PerfectBalance: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

TTursas has recently released their iPad game ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch, Perfect Balance. It’s actually not just one game, but several, packaged as a collection set of unique physics games. While this is a little unusual for an iOS title, TTursas offers a huge amount of gaming fun in this title, especially for fans of physics-based puzzle games.


On startup, gamers will notice the option to select from the four games included in the Perfect Balance collection. These are Harmony, Inferno, Paradise and Lost Trials. Combined, they offer a total of 340 levels, certainly enough to keep even the most hardcore physics gamer busy! It’s a little difficult to explain the complex and varied levels of game play offered in Perfect Balance, but basically gamers are given a variety of puzzle tasks to solve by moving and sliding various objects on the screen, complete with a built-in physics system to test the stability of the creations. Gamers will get to use different special blocks that offer interesting twists to the scenarios presented in each level, such as gravity blocks and so on. The creators of Perfect Balance, TTursas have released an excellent trailer showcasing their app’s game play, available on YouTube.  There’s a humorous “Hold Your Breath” testing bar that appears on screen when your physics puzzles are analyzed, seeing if they will collapse or allow your progress. Gamers basically have to score the “perfect balance” with their puzzle pieces, in a variety of ways in each of the four games. There’s also a handy instructions tab on the main screen with helpful hints and guides to make the Perfect Balance as pleasant gaming experience.
Imperfect Balance is another app from TTursas and bears mentioning here as well. It takes the opposite approach to the game play in Perfect Balance. In an interesting twist, Imperfect Balance has the user attempting to make the blocks totally fall off the screen. It’s also packed with levels, at 150 levels of physics puzzle madness.

Graphical Layout:

Perfect Balance Collection Review

The graphics for Perfect Balance have been redone to work best on the smaller iOS devices. You’ll notice two graphic differences when playing Perfect Balance-the backgrounds feature photorealistic or stylized imagery, such as mysterious space scenes or floating clouds, while the foreground imagery (physics objects) are nowhere near as realistic. However, they still appear great on the screen with the retina graphics and the animations are convincing as well. The display is especially sharp on the retina screens and the physics movements are great. Layout for browsing Perfect Balance is pretty impressive and reasonably easy to navigate for first time users. The developers have gone the extra mile to help make switching between different games in the collection easy and painless.


The replay value of Perfect Balance is certainly there, with a huge array of features to keep gamers coming back for more. The inclusion of the popular Game Center support really adds another level to the Perfect Balance replay, as does the simply immense number of levels available for the gamer (340). While the app only requires iOS 4.2 to load, it needs iPhone or iPod Touch 3rd gen or higher to run, as it will simply crash on startup on older devices. Overall, Perfect Balance is a must-have for any fan of physics-based apps on the iOS, with unique game play and plenty of variety.

Perfect Balance iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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