oneSafe: Leave the Trappings of Modern Life at the Door

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oneSafe: iPhone App Video Review

oneSafe for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

No matter how you slice it, living in the modern age can be a real drag sometimes. There’s all those passwords to worry about, not to mention the endless number of late-night television advertisements to ignore. But on the subject of the former, our lives just got a little easier, thanks to the absolute coolest safe-style application we have ever seen for the iPhone. oneSafe, by developer Lunabee Pte. combines security with elegance, incredible design with plentiful features, and ingenuity with one of the simplest interfaces we’ve ever seen. If you have a wall of passwords—and we’d bet a month’s wages you do—this six dollar gem will simplify your life to the umpteenth degree—and password!

Concept and Functionality

With an app as detailed and as wide as oneSafe, it’s difficult to know where to start. However, we feel we can safely say this, at the least: oneSafe is an app designed to securely hold and store all of the various passwords, cards, and data points you need and use on a daily basis. The information the app is prepared to store ranges from simple items like your Facebook password, all the way down to your automobile’s registration information—with everything else in between, too! This “stuff” can be stored under different headings, like “Work,” “Personal,” etc. making it even simpler to organize the wealth of keys you’re likely to collect. All of this is, of course, password protected, thanks to a number of entry methods specified by you, the user. There’s an Android-style swipe lock, which we liked, as well as a more iOS-esque number entry. The app also comes with one of the world’s securest encryption codes, guaranteeing the security of the passwords you log away.

Design and Layout

oneSafe for iPhone

oneSafe for iPhone

Even cooler than the app’s functionality, however, is its absolutely flawless design. The developers have chosen to flesh out the app with a multitude of features, and have then provided each and every one with a customized, fully fill-in enabled card unique to the data. For instance, the Skype card uses the Skype logo, while the car registration card offers a more subdued, generic look. A lot of attention to detail has been paid here, and the end result shines like a polished gem.

Overall Value

Certainly, oneSafe is a bit on the pricy side, clocking in at just under $6. However, for that money you’ll be earning the full use of one of the best password protection and storage utilities we have ever seen for the iPhone. The app is a pure diamond in the rough, and if you’re been looking for a convenient way to store this kind of data on your phone, look no further. oneSafe is a must-have, and a brilliant example of iOS application design, at that. Our recommendation to the app, and our hats tipped to the developers.

oneSafeoneSafe requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  2. Lorenzo Artioli says:

    when will you implement the password automatic fill into the website ?

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