MyStadium Plugs you in, Just in Time for the Big Game

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MyStadium: iPhone Written App Review

MyStadium iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a little sporting event happening this Sunday that we’ll refer to as The Big Game. Now while you may be prepping in the usual way, by making stadium food art out of sandwiches and painting your face red, white and blue, we have a new app that’s going to make enjoying The Big Game even better. It’s called MyStadium, and it’s an awesome mix of sports feed, social network and deal machine from the folks at MyStadium. Ready to get your game face on? Read on!


The MyStadium app plugs you in to the game, with interactive wall-style discussions on NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA, MLB, MLS, WNBA, LaLiga and ELP match ups. Choose your league, choose your game, check in and get posting. MyStadium works through Facebook, so you can connect with your Facebook friends easily, or see what everybody else is saying about the game. A sports news ticker at the top of your screen will read off top headlines.

Every time you check in to a new game the app posts your check in and any check in comments you make directly to your Facebook feed. You can’t see a game’s wall without checking in. We found that a little annoying, to be honest. The app won’t work at all unless you sync it to Facebook. We wish there was an option to create an app profile that didn’t insist on posting to your wall and spamming your friends every time you wanted to see what the word was on a new game.

The app also features deals. And, you guessed it, you have to check in to a game to see those too. So far the deals are for pizza, game-day gear, subs and orders from Footlocker, but the app is young, so this section might have a growth spurt coming its way shortly. At least, we hope it does.

Layout & Design:

MyStadium iPhone App Review


MyStadium is a beautifully designed app. The scroll interface is well built, and the graphics are crisp and there’s plenty of visual interest. We had a few issues navigating the app, however. On the main screen you have to scroll to pick your sports league. But even though you can see more than one league icon at a time, you can only access the one in the middle. Why not just let us tap on the one we want, automatically moving it to the center?

Also, accessing a game board is a little complicated. Once you check in on a game you have to tap the color thumbnail image to actually see the board. Tapping the red arrow just takes you to an overview page with a MyStadium promotional video.

Overall Value:

It’s hard to beat free, baby. And that’s what MyStadium is. It plugs you in to a unique social network feed, and takes over your Facebook feed. But if you’re looking for an app where sports rule supreme and fandom is the name of the game, it’s definitely a contender.

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MyStadium iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Response to “MyStadium Plugs you in, Just in Time for the Big Game”

  1. As says:

    Great App!!

    I see an easy way to disable the posting on Facebook during the check-in phase – by clicking on the Facebook icon placed in the check-in screen the color is changing from blue to grey – from enable to disable. when choosing to disable it – non of the comments are published on any FB wall.

    The design & features of the app are awesome and all the package looks amazing and enjoyable

    Liked it a lot!!!

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