Moon Child – The Perfect Mix of Nostalgia and Slick Platform Gaming

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Moon Child: iPhone Written App Review

Moon Child iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Moon Child first made its debut as a sweet platform jumper action title in 1997, when it was released as a PC game for Windows 95 and Windows 98. That may give you some idea about just how cool this game really is, but you’ll have to play it to get the full picture. The new Moon Child iPhone app is from Reinier van Vliet and the team at Team Hoi, and it’s an extremely tasteful game, featuring plenty of old school 90s gaming charm and some cutting edge controls that make it a blast to play in this new way.

Concept & Gameplay:

There are 13 massive levels in this epic platform game, and we love all of them. You play Moon Child, a little green dude sent from, you guessed it, the moon to collect dark diamonds spread around the world. Avoid harmful monsters and put your noggin to the test as you scour each level for the diamonds.

Once you’ve collected at least 77 of the dark diamonds scattered throughout the game’s four unique worlds, you’ll unlock a psychedelic final level where those dark diamonds will come in handy as you battle a techno-virus.

Speaking of techno, this game’s soundtrack deserves its own mention. It’s catchy, upbeat and perfectly designed to complement the app. A little musical inspiration definitely comes in handy as you sling shot Moon Child over hills, into hidden compartments and up in the air one platform at a time. Those dark diamonds aren’t always hidden in the easiest places, but we really like the challenge of hunting them down in the game’s complex series of levels.

Layout & Design:

Moon Child iPhone App Review

Moon Child

It may be obvious by now that we really like this game. But the unique combination of old school animation and modern rendering in this app are what take Moon Child to a whole other level. Don’t even get us started on the app’s unique control interface, called “Elastimotion.” In this game your finger acts as a controller. If your finger goes right, so does Moon Child. If it goes up, you guessed it, this little green fella’s gonna follow. It makes for exceedingly interesting gameplay, and a control feature that’s going to take a little practice to master.

But trust us, you’re going to want to master it. This game’s levels are beautiful and full of a lively sense of creative energy that’s infectious. This game makes us want to go design games, just to see if we can make out as cool as Moon Child.

Sure, the techno color themes may be a bit garish at times, but if you look at the app as a whole, all the crazy colors and flagrant hue combinations just work. It’s a job well done.

Overall Value:

Other than a serious desire for an explanatory tutorial, we don’t really have many complaints about the Moon Child iPhone app. It manages to maintain its 90s gaming integrity while showing off a few of the updates that have come to modern technology in the past 15 years quite well. Oh, and it only costs $.99 right now. There’s no logical reason to avoid this app, so we suggest you go get it. Now.

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Moon Child



Moon Child iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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