Los Angeles to Buenos Aires: An App to be Jealous Of

Price: $12.99

Los Angeles to Buenos Aires: iPhone App Written Review

Los Angeles to Buenos Aires for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Every now and then, we discover an app during our review process that hooks us in the gut, keeping us pinned to our armchair much longer than we’d initially planned for. Happily, Los Angeles to Buenos Aires is just such an app. The title offers an unparalleled look at an enviable journey by bike from Los Angeles to South America. Along the way, the reader is given copious amounts of stunning photos, unbelievable reading material, and more than enough impassioned fuel to last them the rest of the day. Truly, the app is an inspiring read, and though it isn’t perfect, we couldn’t stop turning the pages. For our full thoughts on this life-changing read for the iPhone and iPad, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

Every now and then we’re charged with reviewing a so-called “coffee table app” for the iPhone or iPad. These are apps that combine the best of an eBook with a more coffee table book-inspired reading experience: That is, lots of high-quality pictures and an emphasis on the educational or inspirational side of things. Los Angeles to Buenos Aires generally fits into this category, offering 380 pages of stunning photos cataloging the photographer’s journey from Los Angeles to Mexico and Central America by motorcycle. Along the way, the app features a load of his riveting text, detailing every inch of the journey including all the hardships and joys. It’s really quite a stupendous read, and though we tended to prefer the experience on the iPad, the iPhone itself hardly detracts from the splendor. It’s obvious the author has experienced a real life-changing journey, and that passion bleeds through directly to the application. As such, we could hardly turn the pages fast enough.

Los Angeles to Buenos Aires for iPad

Los Angeles to Buenos Aires for iPad

Design and Layout

Overall, we found it quite hard to knock the application’s design or layout. The title makes heavy use of gestured browsing, allowing users to swipe left or right to change pages, or swipe up to reveal a table of contents. We also appreciated the additional extras, like the in-house link to the LA2BA.com website, as well as the live Twitter or Facebook response buttons. However, we do think some of the highlight text could have been set a bit better, as the unprofessional design is at odds with an otherwise mind-blowingly gorgeous application.

Overall Value

We frequently find ourselves wrapped up in fantasies about traveling long distances in a similar manner to the author. As such, we greatly enjoyed Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, and to us, the app is a value at any price tag. If you’re a fan of such stories, or are just looking for an in-depth look at Mexico, Central and South America via a trained photographer’s eye, there’s really no other app we know to recommend. Los Angeles to Buenos Aires is a solid entry, and one we aren’t likely to forget soon. If you’d like to experience a briefer read, the author has also released Los Angeles to Buenos Aires: Short Cut, which can be had for $3.99, thought it will be free for the first 500 readers!

Los Angeles to Buenos Aires requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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