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JoinMe!: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

“Yo Jake, I’m grabbin’ lunch at the café near the park, you in?” “Sure bro, just tell me how to get there.” “It’s, uh, a left on Mill Street, turn right at the stop sign, and uh, there’s a roundabout, then, uh, hey, let me look that up really quick…” Ever find yourself in one of these frustrating situations? JoinMe!, from cMac is a new app available to help alleviate such conversations. JoinMe! bills itself as an easy way to locate your friends when you want to meet up and thereby avoiding tedious and confusing directions. It was just released by iOS developer cMac, for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.


JoinMe! allows you to show those on your contact list with the same app where you are located or find where they are at, using the location tracker settings or manual positioning functions found in the app.
Load up JoinMe! and select from “Be Reached by a Friend” or “Reach a Friend.” Those are the two key options available at startup and basically encompass the entire app. JoinMe! is powered through the Google Maps + location tool, with a twist. Let’s say you want to meet a friend at Café Generic, but aren’t at that location yet. To point out the location where you would like to meet (but aren’t physically there with your iPhone yet), you can use the manual positioning tool to point your friend to the right location.
Once made your selection, JoinMe! will show a Google Maps view of the area in question, with general map or satellite options. To find your friends, you’ll get to choose from a list of those already in your contacts list. They must have the JoinMe! installed as well with location tracking on for this to work.
Users that do not have access to a network or GPS connection 24/7 (i.e those without a data plan, such as iPod Touch users) may find JoinMe! significantly less useful. The location search function doesn’t require GPS, but it needs at least an active network connection to locate you and your friends (of course, GPS will work as well, if that’s all you have access to). While most users of iOS devices are usually connected to an active network this is not such a big issue, but it is worth noting.

Graphical Layout:

JoinMe! App Review

I was impressed by the clean and professional layout of JoinMe!. The developers have kept the layout free of clutter, yet it’s not boring at all. I was easily able to navigate the app on my first use. There is not a load of options to choose from at the start, keeping JoinMe! a very user-friendly app.


At $2.99, JoinMe! is a little more expensive than your usual iPhone app. However, if being able to quickly meet up with your buddies and contacts without dealing with the hassle of complicated directions is worth any cost, than JoinMe! may be the perfect app for you. It’s basically a buddy locator tool, running off the powerful location-tracking abilities of the iPod Tocuh, iPhone and iPad, and it works great.

JoinMe! iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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