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iGameHunter: iPhone App Video Written

iGameHunter for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you like to hunt? We mean, do you really like to hunt? Better yet, do you love hunting so much that you take your iPhone along to document every beer-chugging inch of the experience? If that made you say, “Hell yeah, I do!” then buckle up, Pilgrim: Have we ever got the app for you. iGameHunter (At-Scene) is a quick and convenient way to log your hunting experiences using nothing but your iPhone and a little extra time. It comes stock with a wealth of geotagging and note-taking extras designed to keep you in the woods, but help you come out with memories. Enough sissy talk, though: Jump on down beyond the break to see our whole thought on iGameHunter!

Concept and Functionality

We wouldn’t go so far as to call iGameHunter a scrapbooking application for your hunting trips, but it serves essentially the same purpose. The biggest selling point here is the ability to geotag locations from your phone as you experience them. Find a really nice hunting spot? Tag it, and then share it to Twitter or Facebook directly from your iPhone. If you’d like, you can also add field notes describing the foliage and other such hunting add-ons. If you’re even more into the experience than that, you can also add photos of the surroundings, or even video. Both of these are a fantastic and integrated way to add additional visual representation to your hunting experiences. And as both use the built-in camera, there’s no need to fuss about with other applications. And just like the geotagged points you set aside, you can share all of this media directly to your favorite social networking sites, getting you to those “Likes” much more quickly.

Design and Layout

iGameHunter for iPhone

iGameHunter for iPhone

As much as we liked the idea of iGameHunter, we have to admit we weren’t such fans of the execution. To begin with, the design is somewhat spartan, and looks a tad amateurish to our eyes. Additionally, we questioned the decision to split all of this functions apart, rather than adding them all to a single, “Log Hunting Experience” button—just to give an example. We thought it might have been easier to have the hunter geotag, add photos, videos and notes, and then immediately upload to the Web. This would go a long way toward streamlining the app, and increasing its value.

Overall Value

Still, at only a dollar in the App Store, giving iGameHunter a test drive certainly won’t beak the bank. In fact, if you’re into hunting much, we have a feeling you’ll get a heck of a lot out of the app. It’s still a great way to log and review your experiences, as well as just save a great hunting spot. And for that, we’d easily pay a dollar.

iGameHunteriGameHunter requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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