Drag & Tag – A Colorful Way to Learn Nouns At Home

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Drag & Tag: iPad Video App Review


Drag & Tag iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Drag & Tag is a colorful app for the iPad designed to encourage language recognition and motor skills in young learners. It’s part of the MyLittleUni suite of apps, created by Think Design Studio. This line of apps is designed specifically to encourage focus and fun in a learning environment built just for kids.


Drag & Tag introduces little learners to more than 180 nouns. Yeah, that’s a whole lotta language. We think the direct focus on one type of word is a smart way to build specific vocabulary skills that will help children identify common objects.

To play Drag & Tag your child will navigate through colorful home scenes (yard, front door, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). Each scene has eight different rounds of words. First your child will learn the words in a free-style session. Every time they touch an object at the bottom of the screen they’ll drag it to the correct spot in the scene. Once it’s in place they’ll hear the word aloud for additional reinforcement.

In the second session they’ll play a game with the words they just learned. The app will ask them to choose a specific object and place it on the board. After all the items are placed they’ll earn points and a special star score for accuracy. There’s a ton of positive reinforcement in this app, something we always love.

Layout & Design:

Drag & Tag iPad App Review

Drag & Tag

We found the gameplay flow a little strange for the Drag & Tag app. As children play, new levels and locations will unlock. In an interesting twist kids will play the game in one location, like the kitchen, for one round then being moved on to the bathroom (or whatever section is next) for another round automatically. Eventually they’ll loop back around to the next, more advanced session in the original local where additional words will build upon the ones they already learned for that location.

While playing straight through it’s easy, the game puts you where you need to go. But stopping and picking back up can be a little confusing for kids. Still, we think it was a good idea and that it keeps kids from tiring of a specific room. An engaged child is a learning child.

Graphically the app is simple, with clean, cartoon-style graphics. We especially like the festive little celebrations at the end of each round. Some of the app interfaces, like the close button on the word screens, are very small. We’d like it if tapping the background would close this screen for easier navigation or if tapping the word would make the app repeat it for additional reinforcement.


As an app designed specifically for children, we have a few concerns. There are links that lead to a web browser right on the app’s main page. They go to the Drag & Tag Facebook and Twitter pages, which seem harmless enough, but still, they lead out of the app.

Drag & Tag also likes to prompt players to submit feedback and rate the app, which isn’t exactly appropriate for children. We also found a misspelled word (“tyre”).

Overall Value:

Drag & Tag is a pretty good value. Its regular price of $2.99 seems fair considering the wide range of words and content the app contains and how well made it is.

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Drag & Tag



Drag & Tag iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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