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Cosmic Quest: iPhone Written App Review


Cosmic Quest iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Cosmic Quest is a new iPhone game from Jan Wiktor Pawlica, a student with a lot of skill and killer taste in music. This app is an interesting twist on platform games, and even something new for the falling app genre. Well, it’s not quite like anything we’ve ever seen before. So you know this iPhone app review is gonna be good.


In Cosmic Quest you control the side to side motion of one adorable yellow alien. You see, you’re on a journey to collect elements from the core of four planets, in order to save your own decimated home. Storywise, Cosmic Quest has its act together. This isn’t just some slight allusion to a story, it’s actually pretty well thought out and executed. What’s not to love?

The gameplay style is similar to other games where you fall. On your way down you’ll avoid the yellow platforms (they = death) and halt your journey by strategically landing on the normal platforms. You’ll collect boosts and other items to help you slow down the fall, which gets faster and faster as you go. You’ll earn points, collect raindrops and hopefully make it all the way to the core intact.

Not gonna lie, this game gets pretty challenging. But you can’t really stop playing. It’s a lot of fun, and then there’s the soundtrack. It’s a slamming techno track from DRUM N DJ called Lose My Ish, and it’s about the catchiest thing we’ve ever heard. The combination of that track and the easy, pick-up style of the game is downright intoxicating. Additional fun comes from Game Center integration and quirky achievements with silly names like Defibrillator and Water Monkey.

User Interface:

Cosmic Quest iPhone App Review

Cosmic Quest

Graphically the Cosmic Quest iPhone app is pretty simple, but it’s not a bad fit. The graphics have a certain anime flair to them, but are exceedingly pared down. Speed (the game loads 60 frames per second with ease) and skill are the real stars of this app, although the little yellow aliens are pretty dang adorable.

You can play the game two different ways, either by tilting to control the fall or tapping the side of the screen you want to move towards for a more controlled movement effect. To be honest, it’s super hard to get good at the touch controls of this game. That player would have to be the finger equivalent of a small Asian girl playing DDR. Thankfully, the tilt controls are pretty good, even though it feels like you just can’t move fast enough to get all the way over sometimes.

Overall Value:

Cosmic Quest shines as a casual, pick-up style game. It’s definitely worth the mere $.99 it costs in the iTunes App Store. There are some cool new features in the works too, like a multiplayer mode and an online playing mode, so we’re really looking forward to that, too. It will only make this game a better value.

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Cosmic Quest



Cosmic Quest iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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