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Ariau Amazon Towers: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

The Amazon continues to enthrall and intrigue adventurers from all across the globe, enchanted with its beauty and mystery. While some are fortunate to actually visit this region in South America, the vast majority of people never get the chance. Ariau Amazon Towers offers the iOS user a way to purportedly explore the Amazon, on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, all without leaving the comfort of one’s home. It’s an eBook style app, featuring photography from Leionde Principe along with writing from popular author Fransco Ritta Bernardino.


Ariau Amazon Towers offers a unique visual and cultural experience for handheld iOS users. At its core, Ariau Amazon Towers  is virtual version of the book by the same author and photographer, showing off great photos of the Amazon. After loading up the app, users will be able to view a small selection of the entire Ariau Amazon Towers; purchasing the full version ($4.99) is needed to access it entirely. After purchasing, users can scroll through the virtual book and take in some amazing views from the Amazon region, exploring its ecology, biology and human inhabitants. Users can view guided photography images or view selections of video footage from the region. I was pretty impressed with the array of languages offered for Ariau Amazon Towers (9!) and the emphasis on protecting and saving this vastly important bioregion. The actual text and photos are quite impressive, although the free version features very few, requiring an in-app-purchase to access the over 300 images.

Graphical Layout:

Ariau Amazon Towers

It’s fairly easy to browse Ariau Amazon Towers, with its straightforward layout. It aims to be a book on the iOS and comes across as such. The layout consists of a scrollable scrapbook or slideshow design. Users can drag the task bar at the bottom of each page to advance (it’s pretty sensitive so drag carefully to avoid skipping pages).
Despite these shortcomings, the photography and visual imagery in Ariau Amazon Towers is truly amazing. Photographer Leionde Principe clearly has amazing talent and this app serves to further showcase it applied to the wonder of Amazon. Few of us will be fortunate enough to actually visit the Amazon in person, but the imagery in this app almost transports one to this fabled region. There’s roughly 130 pages in the full version of this app, loaded with the colorful world of the Amazon come to life on the iOS.


At first glance, Ariau Amazon Towers is a free app, which is a great bargain. Unfortunately, much of the app is tucked away behind “in-app-purchase” walls, requiring the user to buy the whole book version on the iOS to actually get the total experience from Ariau Amazon Towers. This is certainly a setback and really may leave users expecting a free iOS journey to the Amazon disappointed. However, I would encourage users looking for a great introduction to the beautiful world of the Amazon to go ahead and purchase the full version of the app. At $4.99, it is considerably more affordable than many coffee-table scenic photography books on the subject. To summarize, Ariau Amazon Towers offers amazing photography of one of the last truly remarkable forested regions on Earth, viewable conveniently from the palm of your hand on the iOS.

Ariau Amazon Towers iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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