3D Photo Ring HD: View Your Pics in a Whole New Way

Price: $2.99

3D Photo Ring HD: iPad Written App Review

3D Photo Ring HD iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Rarely have we seen a photo browsing app with as much visual interest as 3D Photo Ring HD. This customizable photo viewing app from Klaus Schoeffmann is beautiful, and a new, unique twist on how you access your shots. Our iPad app review of 3D Photo Ring HD will tell you how to make the most of this awesome app.


3D Photo Ring HD connects you to your photos, displaying them in a unique ring shape. How that ring of images looks is entirely up to you. You choose which photo folders are displayed, how many images you see, what the ring looks like and its orientation, how fast it turns, whether the photos are organized by color or date, and how the slideshow feature works.

That’s a ton of control. However, we think the app works quite well in the default arrangement as well, so if you want a simple viewing experience it can also be had here. Personally, we think the sort by color feature is amazing. It lets you look at your pics in a whole new way that’s truly inspiring. And you can even check out their metadata, share through email or post to Twitter right from the app.

We’ll go into more detail about the app’s user interface in a moment, but we did want to mention a cool navigation option in full screen mode. Any time you want to change photos you can either tap a corner, or simply tilt your iPad. How’s that for cool?

Layout & Design:

3D Photo Ring HD iPad App Review

3D Photo Ring HD

There’s no doubt about it, this app is visually stunning. The photo ring makes sorting and finding photos easy and provides a beautiful automated screen saver.

Not only can you control what you see and how you see it as we mentioned earlier, you also use intuitive gestures to get up close and personal with your pics. A simple pinch or double tap inwards zooms in on the rotating ring of images. Tapping a specific pic opens it in full screen mode. If you choose to view more images than your selected ring size can handle, an easy flick up or down lets you roll the next ring into view. You can also manually rotate the rings by swiping left and right.


We asked a lot of 3D Photo Ring HD during our testing process. Occasionally it took a few minutes to sort out our requests, and once it closed while we were trying to update a setting. Otherwise it works quite well, and the slowly rotating photo ring ran for a good half an hour without any trouble.

Overall Value:

Needless to say, we love what 3D Photo Ring HD does. We’re not as enamored with the app’s price tag. At $3.99 it’s not going to break the bank, but the app is quite simple. There’s also an iPhone version that costs $2.99. Still, if you demand visual interest, even while perusing your pics, this is an app you can’t afford to miss.

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3D Photo Ring HD



3D Photo Ring HD iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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