2×2=4: Are You Smarter than a Pirate?

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2×2=4: iPhone App Written Review

2x2=4 for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you remember having to learn your multiplication tables—you did learn those, right? If so, then you likely recall just how difficult it can be when you’re unused to the idea of multiplication and division. In fact, the bar is set so high that it’s nearly impossible to master without some sort of mnemonic game. If you’ve been looking for just such a game in app form to help your child’s education along, then may we humbly present 2×2=4 by developer Aplemakh Bros. The app offers a brilliant and sea-fairing way to teach your child their arithmetic, and without all the bothersome flash cards and rote memorization. For our full thoughts on this great learning tool for the iPhone, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Gameplay

How does 2×2=4 work? Well, quite simply! The app presents the child with two ships, one a pirate ship and the other their own vessel. Unfinished multiples appear on the screen, and the child must then type out the answer using the numbers found at the bottom of the screen. If they answer enough of the problems correctly, their ship fires off a shot at the pirates. If they take too long to answer, the pirate gets a shot off on them. This continues until someone wins, adding a much needed level of excitement to the droll process of learning your times tables. However, it’s not just the game that’s great about 2×2=4.

We also loved the fact that the parent can adjust just about every aspect of the game. You can set the level of multiples, allowing your child to stop at, say, six and then gradually progress to multiples of twelve. It’s a brilliant idea, and allows for a lot of stair-step learning.

Design and Layout

2x2=4 for iPhone

2x2=4 for iPhone

However, all of this complexity comes with a certain price where the menus are concerned. We did find it a bit difficult to organize our ideas into game modes, as the buttons are unlabeled and a little hard to discern. Otherwise, though, the app’s graphics are spot-on. We loved the pirate theme, and the ships and timing mechanisms worked perfectly. All in all, 2×2=4 offers a world of designed excitement to counteract the obviously boring nature of memorizing your time’s tables.

Overall Value

That being said, we’re tempted to call 2×2=4 a bit pricy. The app clocks in at just under three bucks in the App Store, and though you’ll certainly get your money’s worth, we have a feeling it could be a dollar less dear. However, if you’ve been looking for a great way to help your child master their times tables, there’s really no better option. And as future updates streamline the app even more, we have no doubt 2×2=4 will be the learning tool you wish you had in primary school.

2x2=4 for iPhone2×2=4 requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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