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Say Hello to a Whole New Language with EasyLang Pro

TweetPrice: $5.99 Rating: EasyLang Pro: iPhone Written App Review   EasyLang Pro is a mobile solution for mastering the basics of a new language. This verbose offering comes from Sam Educational, and features vocabulary, spelling and conversational skills six different languages for one reasonable price. There’s a lot to love there, and, naturally, our iPhone […]


Super Sudoku-ish Fun on the iOS with Sudomoto

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: Sudomoto: Written iPhone App Review   If you are a true puzzle fan, you have almost certainly heard of the popular Japanese game of Sudoku. However, are you familiar with the latest iOS spin-off, Sudomoto? Sudomoto is a unique puzzle app from developer TomLook, available for iOS devices running 4.0 or later. […]


Amazon Exploration through Ariau Amazon Towers

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Ariau Amazon Towers: Written iPhone App Review   The Amazon continues to enthrall and intrigue adventurers from all across the globe, enchanted with its beauty and mystery. While some are fortunate to actually visit this region in South America, the vast majority of people never get the chance. Ariau Amazon Towers offers […]