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Taggle!: iPhone Video App Review

Taggle! iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

So, just what is Taggle? It’s one part portable wish list, two parts shopping companion and a fine mix of barcode scanner and product reviewer from GoTaggle. At the end of the day, Taggle! is all about what you think and what you want. We think it’s kind of nice being the center of attention for once. Our iPhone app review of Taggle! will help you make the most of this product-centric app.


Taggle! allows you to sound off about today’s hottest products. Use the app’s top and recent taggles sections to see what items have the consumer marketplace buzzing, and log your own rating, review and info. We love that your reviews are 100 percent editable, meaning you can always adjust them if you need to.

In addition to sounding off about hot button items, you can also use the app’s scanner to input reviews on new items, either via barcode or QR code. The options here are seemingly limitless, as long as the stuff you’re scanning is in the app’s 5 million product database.

If you come across items you simply can’t live without, add them to your wish list or share them with your buds via Facebook right from the app.

We can’t quite decide if Taggle! is a marketing info bot backed by manufacturers or an attempt to make shopping a digitally social event. Either way, the app features aren’t particularly groundbreaking, but they are combined in an interesting way.


Taggle! iPhone App Review


Here’s a trick for using the Taggle! scanner: scan quick and in a super well lit area. We found that having our camera pointed directly at a barcode or QR code when we launched the function was the only way to go. If you sit there moving your iPhone around before settling on the scan site, it doesn’t work quite as well. So be prepared to scan the second the feature launches.

If you do latch on to the code, this app responds very fast. If not, well you might be sitting there for a while. We suggest closing the function and re-launching it, because hovering isn’t going to do you a bit of good.

We also found the app a bit lacking in the item department. None of the books we scanned were in the app’s catalog. So while Taggle! is a cool idea, the app’s usefulness is spoiled by a less-than-comprehensive item library.

Overall Value:

Hey folks, don’t forget that Taggle! is free. So if you feel the need to share your opinions or want an app that can be helpful making wish lists, you might as well give it a whirl. We find most bar code scanner apps offer limited functionality, but Taggle!’s top tagged lists make it easy to share your brilliant thoughts on products without having to fight with scanners. Give this consumer-friendly app a gander, you may just fall in love.

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Taggle! iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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