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SpiderRider Z: iPhone App Written Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

KatzApps, better known for their highly rated line of educational apps for young children, have recently released a new title aimed at more advanced iOS gamers: SpiderRider Z. Take on the role of a heroic spider, attempting to save his love from dastardly bats, using a variety of powers, spider web and more, for $0.99 through iTunes.


Life is tough for a spider. Think about it-you’ve got to constantly weave spider webs from your own secretions, catch just bugs to stay alive, while avoiding getting eaten by hungry birds, bigger bugs, and smashed by curious children. Things get even more interesting for the lonesome spider in SpiderRider Z , with gamers having to save their spider love interest from an army of evil bats. Check out the cute YouTube trailer for SpiderRider Z for more animated gameplay intro. Need more gaming levels to keep your attention? SpiderRider Z certainly offers this, with 100 levels of action. Like many iOS games, users must unlock the levels sequentially (think: Angry Birds level unlock style) to access ‘em. Gamers can upgrade their arsenal through the in-game item shop. Now, real money isn’t required for the items, thankfully. Instead, the in-game currency needed to purchase these items is “flys”, bugs defeated and caught during the game. Users can choose from a whole host of special items and powerups, including Electrocute, Bombs, extra Life and more.  There’s also a slick sound track throughout the game, along with custom sound effects to further spice up the levels in SpiderRider Z.

Graphical Layout:

SpiderRider Z

The overall graphical layout of SpiderRider Z is decent. It has a certain cartoon charm to it, and the graphics all work together nicely without clashing. The cartoon characters, animations and more all look really well-done, with a certain cutesy feel to them. It’s easy to see the influence of previous education apps that KatzApps has done on the art style for SpiderRider Z, and that’s a good thing!
Unfortunately, parts of this app feel much unfinished. I realize that such apps are often a work in progress, but the consumer deserves a finished product upon purchase. Receiving a message that states, “Comics will be here soon” when trying to load a new game is rather frustrating, especially if there is no obvious button available on the screen for Next or Skip (forcing the user to exit the game, then reload it. This is a pretty serious bug and needs to be addressed in an upcoming update as soon as possible.


Overall,  SpiderRider is an interesting cartoon action game for the iOS. The storyline is quite unique, as is the game play. It’s hindered by some design bugs, but hopefully an upcoming update will address these issues. The addition of the item store allows for a certain amount of replay fun, especially if you are skilled at capturing the flys in each level with your webs, in the 100 challenging levels. At $0.99, it’s certainly a bargain-priced app for some entertaining and one-of-a-king app gaming fun.

SpiderRider Z iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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