Shake Me: Interesting Concept, Decent Execution

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Shake Me: iPhone App Written Review

Shakeme for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

One of the things we love about iOS is the creativity it inspires in its app developers. We’ve seen apps that do everything from measure the width of a window to track your flights, with many more in-between. However, we have never seen anything quite like Shake Me, by developer Nzin. The app attempts to make it even easier to call your friends, using a simple twist and shake approach to dialing that peaks our interest. On the whole, the app succeeds, but we aren’t quite ready to call it the perfect must-have application that all iPhone owners deserve. With that in mind, check below the break for our full thoughts on this inventive and fresh iOS application!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, the idea behind Shake Me is novel, though fairly simple: Users add contacts to the application, and then Shake Me scrolls through the added numbers via a gorgeous, cover-flow style mechanic. When the contact you wish to reach arrives, you simply shake the phone, and away Shake Me goes. The app immediately calls up the iPhone’s dialer, and sends a phone call out to the specified contact. It’s swift, easy, and couldn’t be more creative.

However, the concept isn’t entirely without its flaws. First and foremost, we actually found it quite bothersome to have to wait on our friends to scroll past. As fun as it is to shake and dial, we much prefer a simple list, as its far quicker. This is off-set by the ability to adjust the scrolling speed, but even when set to the maximum setting, we still couldn’t justify the additional wait. Likewise, the added function to set groups for your contacts is appreciated, but not quite enough to make us change our minds about the app’s real-life potential. That being said, the app always worked, dialing our friends on demand as expected.

Design and Performance

Shakeme for iPhone

Shakeme for iPhone

Another notch in the application’s favor is its absolutely gorgeous design. There’s no doubt about it: The developers have thought long and hard about the graphical front-end on Shake Me, and the end result shines. The scrolling mechanic is gorgeous, and we loved seeing our friend’s photos attached to the contact number. However, we would have liked to see even more support for additional phone functions. It’s neat to shake and dial a friend, but what if we could triple tap to message them? Or even shake left once to message, and shake right to dial? The possibilities are endless, and adding even more options would truly allow Shake Me to blossom.

Overall Value

We’ll spin it this way: Shake Me costs $0.99 in the App Store, making it a bargain no matter how you slice it. For the novelty that it is, it’s easily worth a dollar, and though we’d like to see more hard functionality in the app, we can hardly be upset with its inventiveness. All in all, it’s easily worth a test-drive, and you may just like it more than the stock dialer.

Shake MeShake Me requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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