ProSel: Another Mobile Business Solution From Ai2

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ProSel: iPad Video App Review

ProSel iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

This week we were fortunate enough to get our hands on another mobile business app from the fine folks at Ai2. ProSel is a mobile inventory, ordering and sales force management tool designed to make the most of your team, customers and the iPad. If you’ve been looking for a streamlined order management system our iPad app review of ProSel will be right up your alley.


ProSel puts updated inventory, ordering interfaces, order history, product information, customer databases and even marketing tools and presentations at your sales team’s fingertips. That means no more bulky laptops, paper order forms or waiting for info to get uploaded. It’s all in the app.

It also interfaces with and includes Ai2’s other enterprise solution for content management and messaging, Pigeonholes, which we took a look at last week. Combined these two platforms are designed to give business owners a strong mobile presence and make businesses run more efficiently. But, does it work?

The answer is yes. ProSel is fueled by the same technology as Pigeonholes, which means it’s a secure enterprise solution. It integrates with existing ERP systems, allows your team to access your entire catalog (and more) offline and integrates with other programs for a total mobile business solution.

We like the app’s display options, news push feed, integrated search function and the fact that you can create new orders by copying past items, add to and change them, or create them from scratch. It manages customer lists, so your team will always know exactly what they need to about your clients. And you can even set up the app for direct customer ordering. Convenience is key in business, and this app is designed to save you time and make your customers happy. That’s not half bad.

Layout & Design:

ProSel iPad App Review


Your company’s databases, logs and inventory are organized in a simple bottom tab design with ProSel. You can customize your viewing options to include thumbnails for added visual interest (a big business booster with clients) and access your Pigeonhole document and messaging platform right from the app. You’ll find the app’s handy search function at the top of the screen to the left.

We did have a few issues with the app while using it in landscape orientation, specifically while we were exiting orders. The exit options were partially obscured by the page’s info blocks, a photo, sales data and A/R detail specifically. This is a slight issue and we’re sure it’s an easy fix, considering the rest of the app is quite well made.

Overall Value:

Downloading and test driving the ProSel iPad app is entirely free, which means you can find out whether this is a solution your business could benefit from before taking the leap to a full blown contract with Ai2. Pricing for the service will vary based on your business needs and hosting options, so Ai2 suggests contacting them (800-835-3200) for pricing info. While you will pay for the service and app integration, using ProSel could eliminate other costs from your business model, making it a fair value in our eyes. And the free app trial is certainly worth a gander.

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ProSel iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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