Plumber’s Nightmare: A Whole New Way to Snake a Pipe

Price: $1.99

Plumber’s Nightmare: iPhone Video App Review

Plumber's Nightmare iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If you’ve ever had a pipe burst, or taken a good look at the pipes in your wall, you know there’s a complex system of pipes and valves that bring your water to your faucet. Now there’s a way to hone those plumbing skills, without bursting a water main, from the comfort of your favorite iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Plumber’s Nightmare is a pipe style puzzler from Invasive Bamboo with a lot of variety and three distinct levels of difficulty that will give you a whole new level of respect for your plumber. Our iPhone app review of Plumber’s Nightmare will have you chasing pipe dreams in no time.


In Plumber’s Nightmare it is your job to untangle a selection of metal pipes. The goal is to create a closed circuit system so the water doesn’t go gushing on the floor. It sounds simple enough, but as the game progresses it gets seriously challenging.

There are three unique levels of difficulty in this game, easy, medium and hard, with 70 boards total. That means this game provides hours of gameplay fun, especially once you progress to the hard levels. There’s a healthy variety of pipe types, and the game explains each new feature quite clearly as you go along, even though there is not a separate tutorial section.

The boards are surprisingly varied. Who knew there were so many ways to arrange pipe on a screen? We definitely think this game is fun, if simple, and found it a mentally stimulating way to pass the time. According to the developers, there’s a future update that will add Game Center support and achievements to the app. That should add another dimension of challenge to the game to help keep it interesting.

Layout & Design:

Plumber's Nightmare iPhone App Review

Plumber's Nightmare

Plumber’s Nightmare is a truly universal app, meaning it makes full use of the iPad’s expanded screen real estate and works on the smaller iPhone and iPod touch screens as well. Personally, we think the game works better on the iPad, thanks to the larger representation, and can get a bit cramped on the iPhone, especially on the harder levels.

While the game’s industrial theme is pleasant enough, we wish there was a bit more variety in the app, such as different colored pipes, additional types of pipes or game pieces with special functions. The pipe arrangements themselves are amazing. An extensive amount of time and effort must have gone into developing this game.

Overall Value:

You can add Plumber’s Nightmare to your app arsenal for $1.99. That’s an entirely acceptable price, considering the developer hand crafts each and every level instead of depending on computerized randomizers. Still not sure if this game’s for you? Soon there will be a lite version of the app in the App Store to give users a taste of the game’s soothing, puzzle solving style. We suggest giving it a try, and fully expect you to be hooked on Plumber’s Nightmare.

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Plumber's Nightmare



Plumber’s Nightmare iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Piece Of CAKE! My daughter loves playing this game and always says “look daddy i’m a better plumber than you!”

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