Pigeonholes: An Enterprise Content Management System for iPad

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Pigeonholes: iPad Video App Review

Pigeonholes iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The latest business solution to hit iOS is called Pigeonholes. This enterprise solution for document management, content sync and messaging was built specifically for iPad by the business solution experts at Ai2. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to distribute docs to your workforce, this bad boy does it all without separate cloud storage fees. Read on, our iPad app review of Pigeonholes can help you decide if this enterprise solution is right for your business.


Pigeonholes creates a secure link for document sharing from an enterprise server to your authorized iPads. That could be a handful of machines, or thousands. It just depends on your business needs. Documents and folders of all sorts and extensions can be shared from the administrator program with multiple users with a single drag and drop, eliminating the need for hundreds of keystrokes. Access, sharing rites and other security points are all customizable.

On the iPad, Pigeonholes organizes documents in searchable folders. That way if you’re not sure where the file you’re looking for is typing in keywords can make finding it easy. Unfortunately the search will only give you folder results and not individual files, so you may still end up scrolling through lists trying to find your content. We suggest saving files as favorites for fast access. The app even works offline, so remote access to files shouldn’t be a problem.

We like the extra security and flexibility the Pigeonholes app gives its customers. Instead of just being a blanket cloud solution, this app taps into a much more advanced sharing system, supports recalls, custom permissions and other options simple sync services just can’t deliver. That’s something savvy business folks are sure to appreciate.

Pigeonholes also allows administrators to push messages to field machines instantly, and their service includes free help desk and set up support. While we do wish it supported in-app editing, it’s a pretty complete solution, and we definitely dig the mobile app. More on that after the cut.

Layout & Design:

Pigeonholes iPad App Review


Pigeonholes makes very good use of the iPad’s extensive screen space. In a horizontal orientation your folder lists and search function are located on the left side of the screen. To get a full screen view of any document simply rotate the app to portrait orientation and voila. You can always pinch to zoom to get a closer look, too.

News flashes appear at the bottom of the screen, and options to go home, view the file in its original format, check out favorites, view app info and sync for updates are all readily accessible via dedicated keys.

We did have a bit of a layout snafu while setting up the app for the first time. The sign up screen would only display a full keyboard in landscape orientation, even though the screen you’re filling out is in portrait orientation. If you flip the iPad to portrait a portion of the keyboard is obscured. It’s quite frustrating.

Overall Value:

You can give Pigeonholes a quick once over by downloading the demo app for free on your iPad. This does not include the desktop application, but it gives you a solid feel for how Pigeonholes manages documents and what you can expect as a user. While the app is free, fees from Ai2 will vary based on your business needs.

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Pigeonholes iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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