My Guardian Angel – Your Help App In Time of Need

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My Guardian Angel: iPhone App Written Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

Stuck in a real life rut?  Or maybe lost and you and your loved ones have no idea where you are? This is the perfect app that can greatly assist you in times of unexpected trouble and emergency. Simple and handy, the My Guardian Angel app, from DS Apps, is especially beneficial to those who are on the road a lot or are out involved in frequent recreational activities.


Right when you open the My Guardian Angel app you are prompted to add emergency contacts to the app’s list. You also have the option to add the events you are attending (just in case some happens), and also adjust the app settings such as the automatic messages that can be sent out in cases of emergency. In the dead center of the app homepage, there is a big “HELP” button which once you activate it, video streaming and recording will begin. This feature also allows you to send out SMS messages and emails to your designated emergency contacts that include your GPS positions and a link to the streaming video and audio straight from your device. This app is very basic to use and highly accessible. Please note that in order for this app to work properly, the “Location Services” options under your device’s settings need to be turned on.

Graphical Layout:

Since this app serves a distinct function, graphics and appearance are kept at a simplistic level. This is exactly what the app and its user needs. Anything more detailed might make the app become confusing or lose its main purpose, which is immediately and successfully helping its user in his or her time of need. Even though the graphics are kept to a minimum, the layout is clear, bright, and understandable for anyone use. Users can easily navigate the features that this app has to offer since everything is titled clearly and obviously.

My Guardian Angel App Review


Even though the app is not free, it still is very useful and beneficial. Ever wonder what you would do if something negative happened and you needed help fast? Wouldn’t it be much quicker and facilitate the process of rescue by allowing your loved ones know exactly where and what your surroundings look like? Not only does this app provide a better outlook for survival and getting help for the user, but it also allows their friends and family know that they are alive and may or may not need be injured or missing.

My Guardian Angel iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

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  1. David Dyal says:

    Thanks iPhone App Review for the great review! We really are trying to help people be safe in a bad situation. Stay safe!

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