Motorcycle Madness with Moto-Sike-O Racing

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Moto-Sike-O Racing:  iPhone App Written Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Ever wanted to take off in a blur and hit the streets with a hot street motorcycle? Now you can with Moto-Sike-O, a brand new app for the iOS, from developer SpinIsland. Race to the finish line while avoiding obstacles, cars and trucks, from the safety of your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, today!


Fans of the classic arcade game Spy Hunter will undoubtedly feel at home with Moto-Sike-O. Basically, the objective is to race to the finish line, scoring points for passing other vehicles and speeding without crashing. Finish with a faster time and you’ll score higher as well. Be warned-it’s quite easy to crash your bike into slower vehicles as you speed up, or fly off the course, colliding with cacti and other obstacles.
The difficulty steadily progresses as you cruise through the course, keeping things interesting as the finish line approaches. Moto-Sike-O takes a unique approach to gameplay difficult; rather than offer a stale, locked in “Hard” or “Easy” mode, the AI automatically adjusts difficulty to your skill level. The gameplay will get progressively more difficult, no matter how great a biker you are, consistently offering challenging gaming. Currently, the game is limited to single-player only, but the developers have told us a multiplayer option will be added in the near future.


Moto-Sike-O utilizes the motion sensitive features of the iOS mobile devices for its controls. Tap the screen to select the game option, then let your fingers relax and just tilt your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to play the game. Tilting the screen forward speeds up the motorcycle, tilting it back throws the brakes on (complete with a red brake light), while tilting left or right directs the bike around obstacles. Want to pop a  wheelie? Just tap and hold on the screen, but be prepared to hold on! Your bike’s top speed of 180 mph may be reached using the wheelie function. You’ll rack up more points for passing vehicles while doing a wheelie as opposed to non-wheelie passing. Controls appear fairly responsive, an important detail for any racing game. You can also crank up or down the sound effects and the game music from Moto-Sike-O’s options button.

Moto-Sike-O App

Graphical Layout:

Moto-Sike-O rocks some solid visuals, with 3D graphics. Your motorcycle looks great, as does the wheelie and speeding animations. Cars and trucks fly past you as you start out, but once you pick up speed you’ll pass ’em in a blur. It’s obvious the developers have taken the time to produce excellent graphics for this racing app. I was really impressed with the level of detail in the graphics for Moto-Sike-O. It’s one thing to have completely 3D graphics; it’s another level to actually have good 3D graphics. Moto-Sike-O looks sharp on the iPhone and iPad, the motorcycle is modeled well and so are passing vehicles. There’s even fuel stations you can cruise by or underneath on the side of the road as well. Tumbleweeds provided additional obstacles as they roll down the course, they aren’t quite as impressive graphically but they fit the feel of Moto-Sike-O nicely.
Also, the screen layout when booting up the game is simple yet graphically appealing, with slick racing imagery and buttons. The game racing course is currently just a straight, desert map, complete with tumble weeds. It looks great, but more variety of maps would be preferred (see note about upcoming maps below).


Moto-Sike-O has several features that encourage replay of this fun app. Want to share your score with your Facebook friends? Easy, just use the built-in Facebook feature after completing a level and post your scores on your Facebook wall. This is a fun way to compare scores with your friends, and quickly becoming a staple of most iOS games. Also, leaderboards are included with Moto-Sike-O, via popular gaming app OpenFeint. Racking up points and shooting to the top of the leaderboard on Moto-Sike-O is a solid incentive to keep playing this fun app. It’s also worth noting just how much replay value the artificial intelligence difficulty adds to the game-no matter how great you get at Moto-Sike-O, the game will keep getting tougher, throwing more obstacles at you to keep it constantly interesting.
Currently, the app only offers one straight track to race on from launch, but the developers have assured us that many more tracks are on the way. These include some awesome-sounding mountain tracks, loop tracks and more, all sure to help keep things interesting with Moto-Sike-O! Also, gamers will notice a lack of multiplayer in the initial release of Moto-Sike-O. This is also slated to be released in an upcoming version in January, with local or worldwide play available instead of just single player.

Moto-Sike-O requires iOS and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up publication of this review.

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