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MoPho: iPhone App Written Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you looking for a mobile solution to digital image printing for your photos? While many digital printing services are available through the Internet, few have a dedicated app just for this function. MoPho is the exception to this, offering local and network image loading onto a wide variety of products. The MoPho app is free and is available through iTunes, courtesy of publisher Penguin Digital.


The options available to the user in MoPho are as follows: Browse or Take a Picture. Once a user has chosen the image they want, they can add the photo to a large variety of merchandise, CafePress-style.  Merchandise options include everything from iOS device cases to mugs, photos and mouse pads, plus many more items. All the prices are available for each item, included in the app, and still visible without an active network connection. Basic photo printing is also available, for a variety of sizes, including 4×6 and 8×8.
Once the user has selected the image and added it to the product of their choice, the item will appear in their user cart, from which they can check out and pay.
When selecting which photo source a user wants to use, Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook are offered, along with the user’s personal camera images on the iOS device. This really helps in allowing for convenient access to images all across the web that the user may have in their accounts.

Graphical Layout:

MoPho App Review

The actual graphical design style used for MoPho is really quite attractive. It’s clear Penguin Studies took the time to select a solid image for their app, MoPho. The layout for MoPho app is really simple yet still powerful. I had no problems understanding how to locate the images I needed and then going through the steps to add an item to my cart.  For users with questions over the app functions or general ordering and printing process, MoPho also includes a helpful FAQ and Help guide under the More tab in the bottom right-hand corner. MoPho also has an excellent support website for users. It’s on par (or even beyond) with many other photo printing websites available online today.


Quite honestly, the wide variety of merchandise options available for users of MoPho is rather impressive. The prices for print items seem fairly reasonable, especially if a user is looking for a one-time memorable gift for family members. However, they do appear to be somewhat more expensive than many other online printing sources (although the 4×6 photo print prices are pretty standard). The key difference is MoPho offers a little app to accomplish this on the go, while the others sources must be accessed through one’s web browser.
Not forcing the user to have all the images preloaded, and instead allowing them to search Facebook, Flickr and Picasa for their images is a fantastic choice. Browsing large Flickr setsfor images does seem to make the app run a little slow, but it was still very usable. The ability to look up these images, without having to email them to ones self or other awkward backup methods, is a great benefit.
Overall, despite its rather unfortunate name, MoPho appears to be a solid option for users looking for online printing services. MoPho offers a wide range of customization options on the go for users looking for an alternative to many other popular photo print websites, all for through a handy and free app.

MoPho iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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