Max’s Mole Mash: Never Ending, Kid-Friendly Fun

Price: $1.99

Max’s Mole Mash: iPhone Video App Review

Max's Mole Mash iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If you’re a parent, odds are you remember playing a mole mashing game at an arcade. Now it’s easy to reclaim that mole-whacking nostalgia and put an awesome game in your kid’s hands with Max’s Mole Mash. This Max & Ruby game from Watch More TV Interactive combines the best of classic arcade style fun with plentiful learning opportunities for a homerun app you’re not gonna want to miss.


In Max’s Mole Mash there are two main game modes, Arcade and Puzzle. In Arcade you’ll whack moles as they spring up. Of course, it’s not that simple. You’ll also collect time boosts, special items and even prizes. And be careful! Don’t hit the toys or your score will drop.

All those prizes and toys help kids build cognitive decision making skills, and learn to follow rules. Also, it’s just plain fun to whap moles (don’t worry, they’re wearing safety helmets). The unlockable prizes are something kids always enjoy, and this game has some sweet themes, but more about that after the cut.

In Puzzle mode your child will actually follow directions, hitting the moles with the right colored helmets on. That means this app is a great way to reinforce color recognition, following directions and all of those cognition skills we mentioned earlier. We love apps that multitask, and Max’s Mole Mash definitely makes the grade.

It also sports never-ending gameplay. That means that as long as you (and your children, of course) want to play, you can.

Layout & Design:

Max's Mole Mash iPhone App Review

Max's Mole Mash

Max’s Mole Mash is a universal app, so it looks beautiful on the iPad but also plays like perfection on the iPhone, as long as they’re rocking iOS 4.2 or later. We mentioned it briefly earlier, and it’s worth coming back to. This app has awesome seasonal and holiday themes, so even if they’ve played it for a while you can always help them pick a new themed machine for a whole new feel. Each themed section has its own prize items, and these little additional details really add something to the app.

We do have one complaint about the app’s layout. On the very first page of the application there’s a “get more games” button that leads to the app store. That’s entirely unfortunately, since outside links are generally inappropriate for kids’ apps.

Overall Value:

At $1.99 we think Max’s Mole Mash is a steal. We love this app, its goofy gameplay, vibrant themes and non-stop action. This game would be a great addition to any family’s kid-friendly app collection.

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Max's Mole Mash



Max’s Mole Mash iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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