Korean Food Ma:tt 02 – A Beautiful Guide to Traditional Eats

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Korean Food Ma:tt 02: iPhone Written App Review

Korean Food Ma:tt 2.0 iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The latest edition of the glossy magazine app, Korean Food Ma:tt 02, is dedicated to the slow, deliberate custom of fermentation and it’s place in Korean cuisine and culture. This colorful app from Studio Meotjit is chock full of mouthwatering photos and blessed with a pleasing reverence for traditional Korean life and food that we found contagious.


Korean Food Ma:tt 02 is, at its core, a multimedia food magazine. It contains articles, recipes, videos, infographs and, most importantly of all, some of the most luscious food photography we’ve ever seen. The video and media content in this application is bewilderingly lovely, and we can’t say enough about it. We also love the thoughtful inclusion of a brief Korean language lesson at the end of the app.

Unfortunately we cannot say the same for the app’s articles and other written content. After a bit of digging, it became clear that Korean Food Ma:tt 02 is the brain child of a young Polish man, living in Korea, who just happened to fall in love with the country’s rich culinary heritage. He speaks Korean in several of the e-zine’s videos (and the translation for them is incomplete), so when you consider that English may be his third language, at least, it’s hard to hate on him for botchy translation.

The content is also quite biased. The writer attributes all sorts of amazing properties to fermented Korean food, but includes little to no information to explain how he came to these conclusions. It’s all well and good to say kimchi is helpful in preventing cancer, but where’s the study and data to back that statement? The missing details and the author’s clear slant are actually more frustrating than the incomplete translation.

Still, Korean Food Ma:tt 02 is a beautiful, if flawed, digital magazine. Lovers of food, and Korean culture, will appreciate its respectful take on a unique subject.

Layout & Design:

Korean Food Ma:tt 02 iPad App Review

Korean Food Ma:tt 02

As our screen shots attest, the beautiful layout, photograph and design work that went into making the Korean Food Ma:tt 02 magazine app for iPad is simply breathtaking. Every page is unique and alluring, making us want to see more. Special features like photo galleries and additional text are tucked into simple bullet point menus, and the app guides users smoothly through the process of unlocking every detail. We simply cannot find a single thing wrong with the app’s design, and applaud Korean Food Ma:tt 02’s designers for their skill and taste.

Navigating the application is extremely easy. Korean Food Ma:tt 02 makes full use of the iPad’s expansive screen real estate, and simple tap and scroll controls reveal this lovely app’s secrets with effortless charm.

Overall Value:

It appears creating pristine, interactive magazine applications is a labor of love for the developers of Korean Food Ma:tt 02, because all this app’s beautiful content is available for free. There is no charge, and every page, every video, every stunning photograph is unlocked and there to enjoy.

While we may poke fun at the app’s translation, and think the written content is a bit heavy on supposition, we can’t help but recommend this app to food lovers and lovers of Korean culture everywhere. Korean Food Ma:tt 02 is a unique and detailed look at a riveting aspect of Korean food culture. It’s not to be missed.

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Korean Food Ma:tt 02



Korean Food Ma:tt 02 iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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