iGlasses: Four Eyes Never Looked So Good

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iGlasses: iPhone Written App Review

iGlasses iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The new iGlasses app from Green Cloud is the ultimate eyeglass photo editor app. Utilizing a streamlined design, a huge library of eyeglass art and a few fun surprises this app manages to be amusing and useful. Our iPhone app review of iGlasses will tell you how.


iGlasses allows you to add glasses to any photo in your existing camera roll, or take entirely new shots to jazz up with some goggles. Once you have a shot selected, tap any available glasses icon to add it to the shot, or use the cool shake feature and a random pair will be assigned to the face in question. Once the glasses meet face they can be resized, moved, rotated and generally bullied into optimal position.

On a practical level this app is going to be great for previewing how certain shaped glasses look on your face. This could be particularly useful for online shoppers. How do you know if you have the kind of face to pull of those $300 Aviators you found on Ebay? Find an approximate match in iGlasses, line up your face and take a gander. It’s much more accurate than you’d think, and fast and easy to use.

Your four-eyed creations are saved in an in-app Glasses Album, and can always be edited again right from the app. Also, sharing your shots is easy with direct Twitter, Facebook and email integration. Or you can move it to your camera roll, of course.

While iGlasses isn’t the most diverse app we’ve seen this week, it does deliver photos with glasses on them easily. A future update is already scheduled with built in facial recognition, something we love to see in apps.

Layout & Design:

iGlasses iPhone App Review


Part of what makes iGlasses so solid is its design work. The photo capture, import and edit interfaces are downright elegant they’re so easy to use. Accessing glasses pics, sharing and changing it up is controlled in a logical manner with minimal fuss.

The cool glasses designs are the real stars of the iGlasses iPhone app. The app has access to more than 100 different styles of glasses, from goofy ones like beer goggles to some pretty cool styles that we wouldn’t mind picking up. With this huge catalog to choose from you’re bound to find a style you like, or at least eliminate a bunch from your search for the perfect style.

Overall Value:

While iGlasses is free to download and start using, the app does not give you all of the glasses designs for free. A handful do come with the free download, but the entire catalog is going to cost you $.99. Consider the app’s awesome UI, practical applications and other sterling qualities, it’s most definitely worth a buck. And you’ve got nothing to lose by giving the app a try. So go ahead, enjoy the free trial, but do unlock the app content if you like it. It’s good stuff.

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iGlasses iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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