iFightBack: Primal Self-Defense Techniques On Your iPhone

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iFightBack: iPhone Written App Review

iFightBack iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The latest version of iFightBack gives users six real world scenarios and the complimentary Self Defense Training System (SDTS) solutions to them. This app, from The Self Defense Company, is all about protecting yourself and, best of all, it’s entirely free to check out. If you’re curious about self defense, or just want to give yourself a few basic self-preservation skills, our iPhone app review of iFightBack will set you on the right path.


The iFightBack iPhone app features six scenarios. Each scenario includes a replay of possible real world attacks that you might have to defend yourself in, from being mugged in an elevator to fending off a rapist. For each scenario there are three videos; one to show you an ineffective defense, another to show you a successful SDTS defense and a third that includes step by step instruction on the same topic from defensive tactics instructor Damian Ross.

As a word of warning, this app is not suggested for folks under the age of 17, mostly due to the violent nature of the scenes reenacted in the app and the foul language that features prominently in almost every scenario.

These videos are short and to the point, but you come away with some solid self-defense tips like how to fend off an attacker who wraps his arms around you from behind. The iFightBack app is just part of an entire SDTS package that you can sign up for on the company’s website.

Layout & Design:

iFightBack iPhone App Review


A rough and ready street motif sets the mood for this app perfectly. From the menacing background music to the catchy scenario names like “elevator jacked,” this app packs a serious impact. The graphics are sharp and intimidating, which might be a bit laughable if the subject matter wasn’t so serious.

The videos are pretty good, too. Although one of them has a strange effect that keeps turning the screen black and imposing a reel over the scene. Otherwise, it’s a pretty enjoyable user experience throughout the app. As long as you don’t mind a sales pitch.

Overall Value:

And now we come to the brass tax. As we mentioned, downloading the iFightBack app is entirely free. However at some point you are going to be tempted to push the button that says, “Start kicking ass.” No one is able to resist pushing that button for long. And when you do you’ll be brought to a sales page where the app tries to talk you into getting the entire SDTS system. And after seeing those scary videos, you’ll probably be tempted. Nothing wrong with that, either. You can check out the first of 12 modules for free. Then, after a month, you’ll be charged $57.49 for it.

Even if all you do is download the app for free and study the six scenarios, we think iFightBack is a worthwhile investment of your time and effort. After all, you never can be too careful.

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iFightBack iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “iFightBack: Primal Self-Defense Techniques On Your iPhone”

  1. Ruben Saragosa says:

    I like this idea but what about us non IPhone people or Droid people will a version of this be able for the rest of us. Thanks so much for all your efforts and help.

  2. Rick Saxby says:

    I checked out this application and I have to say it is very cool. There is this one scenario called “Your Fired” and it was the first scenario that I saw. The funny thing is I thought at first it was showing you how to beat up your boss if he fired you! I thought “Wow these guys are crazy”! But actually its showing you how to defend yourself from a disgruntled employee after you fire him. It’s a cool program. Worth checking out.

    Rick Saxby,
    Publisher, FightingPhilosophy.com

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