HUDYPro Turns Your Windshield into a Heads-Up Display

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HUDYPro:  iPhone App Written Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Have you ever wanted to sport a high-tech heads-up display on your vehicles windshield, similar to what is found in many high-end luxury and sports cars? Now you can with HUDYPro, a simple yet elegant option for drivers wanting to keep their eyes on the road without pausing to look down at the speedometer. Available for free from developer BroadCon, HUDYPro offers in-app paid upgrades and customizations for all users on iOS devices.


HUDYPro sports a very basic control scheme, which allows for greater safety on the road. Boot up the app, and tap the Dashboard button (in the middle of the screen). Now, you’ll be presented with the HUD in orange on a black background, allowing for easy visualization. Place the iOS device in a holder mounted on your dashboard and tap the screen once. This will invert the view, allowing for a reflection on your windshield of the appropriate orientation. This shows time, GPS connection status, battery life and speed. The speed can be adjusted to be in miles or kilometers through the options menu. That’s it!
Graphical Layout:


HUDyPro rocks a slick layout that is very easy to navigate. The graphics in the app look super professional (very well done for sure)! All the user has to do upon startup is to tap the center icon for Dashboard and the basic app features will pop up. It’s orange text on a black background. This shows up very nicely on a car’s windshield, even during the day. On this panel is time, speed (adjustable for km/h or mile/h), direction, full screen mode (requiring in-app purchase) and battery display. Make sure you have the iOS device oriented in the right direction before starting your vehicle. It’s easy to position it incorrectly, but a simple flip or tap of your finger should fix this. Do NOT fiddle with this app while driving, as you’ll be a hazard to yourself and others on the road at the same time. Of course, the developers of HUDYPro made sure to keep the controls of HUDYPro as simple as possible, requiring virtually no interaction with the app once it is running. You will need to adjust your device’s automatic timeout features to prevent it from dimming or shutting off the screen while you are driving though!


It’s hard to beat the free cost of HUDYPro, especially when you look at just how solid of an app this is. Furthermore, if you want even more functionality, HUDYPro has in-app purchase options for more upgrades. These are the Zero-100, color customization, and Eco-Drive. Eco Drive allows the user to track their “sudden increases in speed daily, providing the past day and past ten day’s data. This information can play an important role in improving gas mileage through better driving habits. “The Zero-100 is basically a timer combined with a speedometer and allows the user to measure how fast it takes their vehicle to accelerate to a certain speed (think 0-60 mph measurements). These two other features cost $0.99 each.


Users should note the technical limitations of HUDYPro. It requires active GPS signal to work (found in iPhones but not in all iPod Touch models). iPod Touch owners are out of luck unless they purchase an attachable GPS port or chip for their iOS device. Furthermore, if the GPS signal is not present, the app will not report speed. Finally, and of key importance to speed demons on the road, I wouldn’t recommend replacing your speedometer completely with this device, given the delay in GPS positioning/tracking of your current speed and that of what a police radar gun may report! However, for us drivers who don’t have a lead foot, HUDYPro is definitely a solid app that helps turn any vehicles windshield into a hi-tech heads up display, available for free!

HUDYPro iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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