EasyMeasure: Good on the Job, Better in the Home

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EasyMeasure: iPhone App Video Review

EasyMeasure for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Believe it or not, we actually know quite a few mates in the construction business. And again—believe it or not—most of them have actually shirked traditional measuring methods for an iPhone application, reducing their workload and making quick checks far easier than they ever have been before. All in all, its this foreknowledge that makes us so inclined to like EasyMeasure, by developer Caramba. The app proves that it really is possible to eliminate out-dated measuring equipment with modern devices: Even one that’s already in your pocket. For our full thoughts on this killer tape-measurer replacement application, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, EasyMeasure has one purpose, and one purpose only: To allow you the ability to make quick, fairly accurate measurements from afar using only your iPhone and your line of sight. It works brilliantly, and for the most part, we found the app’s approximations to be quite accurate. When first booted, the app requests the user’s height, as this is important for the accuracy of the final measurement. From there, the user is kicked back to the main screen. By simply aiming the iPhone’s camera at a nearby object, and placing the aiming reticle at the base of the item, EasyMeasure produces an accurate measurement of distance. From there, the user is free to arrange a cropping-style box around the object, producing an even better guess at the object’s width and height. It’s simple, effective, and requires no messy additional equipment. Once aligned, a user can even snap a picture for photo reference—though doing so sometimes did crash the application on our phone. All in all, it’s a smooth way to perform rapid approximations without mucking about with measuring tap or ruler hands.

Design and Implementation

EasyMeasure for iPhone

EasyMeasure for iPhone

However, that’s not to say the app is perfect: There were a few hitches in the title’s giddy-up that truly got our goat, so to speak. For instance, the user is limited to both centimeters and inches, essentially making EasyMeasure useless for much larger objects. That being said, we did find the overall approximations fairly accurate, though we have a feeling our mates on the job site would need a much more accurate rendering of the environment to make EasyMeasure. Thankfully, the app does provide a margin of error on-screen, which we appreciated greatly. We also liked the intuitive interface, which required little finagling on our end to produce measurements. It’s quick, effective, and for the most part, accurate.

Overall Value

As a free app in the App Store, there’s really no reason not to give EasyMeasure a test-drive. However, to measure both width and height an additional $0.99 in-app purchase is required. That being said, even a dollar isn’t too much to ask for an app that produces fairly accurate measurements from a fair distance away. The calibration can be difficult, and the approximations just that, but at the end of the day, EasyMeasure is still a very useful little app.

EasyMeasure for iPhoneEasyMeasure requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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4 Responses to “EasyMeasure: Good on the Job, Better in the Home”

  1. sam says:

    Ite goor Apple tanks

  2. Martin Grasser says:

    Easy Measure is now available for android too.

  3. Rodolfo Acevedo says:

    Hace un par de días pague la actualización de EasyMeasure, pero a la fecha aún no puedo medir alturas. Por favor me indican que pasó, qué debo hacer. Gracias

  4. Rodolfo Acevedo says:

    Hace un par de días pague la actualización de EasyMeasure, pero a la fecha aún no puedo medir alturas. Por favor me indican que pasó, qué debo hacer. Gracias
    Mi correo es rodoace1@hotmail.com

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