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College TA: iPhone App Written Review

College TA for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Ah, college! The days when we could run amuck on campus, wreaking havoc in between bouts of intense studying and partying. Then again, maybe we don’t miss all the anxiety of the tests, or the strenuous lifestyle. Then again—again—we didn’t have an iPhone or College TA by developer ArcDNA to help get us through. This free application is a fantastically simple, if not exactly beautiful way, to manage all the various aspects of your college life together, from tests to socializing, studying to course evaluations. The interface could use a serious overhaul, but if you’re looking for a vital way to manage your stress level and performance in school, there’s no better option on the iPhone.

Concept and Functionality

If we had to label College TA with anything, we’d likely call it a daily planner on crack. The app combines various aspects of college life into a single, panelized offering, making it blissfuly simple to manage all of your activities and obligations without needing multiple calendars. First and foremost, the app does act as a calendar, tapping directly into your iCal to allow you a quick glance at your upcoming events. However, as anyone who’s been there knows, college is far from being that cut and dry. As such, College TA includes options to add information about a number of important additions, like social clubs, jobs, exams, assignments, courses, and to-do lists. Each of these is given its own panel, which can be clicked at any time to modify or add information at will. All of this adds up to a beautiful overview panel, allowing the student to track at a glance everything that’s worth keeping note of. At its best, the app turns the complicated manner of gaining a degree into a (somewhat) subdued affair.

Design and Graphics

College TA for iPhone

College TA for iPhone

That being said, we weren’t as big of fans of the app’s look as we were of its functionality. The home screen especially is somewhat cluttered, especially as it suffers from ill-defined interface boundaries. We were never quite sure where one function lay in relation to another, though we did appreciate the tiled and list-based organization of the sections themselves. That is not to say, either, that the app failed to behave as we hoped. We had no problem entering information, nor modifying it once in place. Rather, we’d just like to see a little more organization on the front-end to make the app easier on the eyes.

Overall Value

We can’t stress this enough: If you’re in college, you owe yourself a test drive with College TA. The app could potentially simplify your lifestyle, and maybe even radically alter your habits. Best of all, it’s completely free in the App Store, meaning it won’t even break the bank to download—a fact that’s ideal for the cash-strapped college kid!

College TACollege TA requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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