AppSketcher: An App for Those Who Make Apps

Price: $2.99

AppSketcher: iPad Written App Review

AppSketcher iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Before the coding and creative team meetings, before graphics, marketing and, yes, (gasp!) even before the review, every app started as an idea, sketched on some creative guru’s screen or notepad. Now if you’re working on the next big app, there’s an app for that, too. Meet AppSketcher, from Bald One Media. This app makes making apps on-the-go a whole lot easier, with an intuitive template system that makes full use of the iPad’s expansive screen. Are you sitting on the next Angry Birds? Our review of AppSketcher may help you figure out where to start.


In AppSketcher an iPhone style template appears in an intuitive sketch pad app, so you can get a clear idea of what your app will look like on an actual iPhone. You can create, share and update application projects to your heart’s content, there’s no limit to the amount of projects you can manage in this app.

It supports pencil style input with six different colors and three different line thicknesses, and text boxes, for easy note taking, annotating and graphic representations. We really hoped the app had some of the standard iOS design features saved as addable clip art for added visual appeal, but alas, it was not so. Also, a zoom feature would be a great asset here, especially if you’re doing detailed design work.

Editing in this app is a breeze, thanks to a handy eraser and an undo-redo feature with no limit that we could find. Each project supports multiple pages, and can easily be reordered with the touch of a finger at any time.

Sharing is another thing this app handles quite well.  You can save project pages to your camera roll, email them directly from the app as PDF files, use Air Print and apps that link to it or sync the app to a Dropbox account for easy collaboration.


AppSketcher iPad App Review


We dig the idea behind AppSketcher, and think it’s a great tool for developers who want a quick and easy way to capture app ideas on an iPad. The app could definitely use a few more features. That being said, it does work quite well, especially if you use a stylus for designing. We did not experience any errors or issues with the app, which is always nice. We just expected more.

Overall Value:

Downloading AppSketcher costs $2.99. That’s not the most cost effective app on the market, but if it helps kindle your creative process this app might be worth its weight in gold. However, we aren’t such big fans of the app’s purchase options. You see, $2.99 only buys you two iPhone templates (one vertical and one horizontal, although you could just theoretically turn your iPad to achieve the same effect since the app doesn’t rotate) and one blank screen. To use the iPad templates or a grid screen you have to buy them separately in the app at $.99 a pop.

Frankly, that’s a bit ridiculous. When you’re already charging $3 for an app that is basically a glorified sketch pad (and there are plenty of cheaper ones out there with more options) you expect users to pony up another buck just for grid lines? No thank you. We suggest making AppSketcher one uniform price and including all the templates to avoid buyer remorse.

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AppSketcher iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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