Angry Boo: Slingshot Controls Meet Ghostly Platform Action

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Angry Boo: iPhone Written App Review

Angry Boo iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If you’re tiring of platform games or think you’ve seen the last great slingshot title out there, prepare to be scared out of your wits by Angry Boo. This universal iOS game from Yubi Games combines these two tried and true gaming styles for a game so unique it’s spooky. Read on, our iPhone app review of Angry Boo will let you know you have nothing to fear, except possibly missing out on an awesome game if you don’t download this app.


In Angry Boo it’s your job to aim and launch Boo, a ghostly traveler webbing his way through 28 levels in four unique worlds. Aiming is all about the slingshot control. You’ll be familiar with this, it’s as simple as tapping on Boo and drawing your finger away from him. But aim with care! You’ll be traveling from platform to platform, or web to web technically. If you overshoot or undershoot you’ll send Boo to a foggy grave, and go back to your latest check point.

We’re really glad this game has check points, especially while we were getting used to the shooting mechanism. It’s pretty straightforward, and, thankfully, there’s a guide line that can show you how your shot will start. You’ll also be collecting coins. The more coins you get, the better your score will be.

As the levels progress they get harder. You’ll start running up against barricades and tricky shots, but it’s all in good fun. Angry Boo integrates directly with Game Center, and you can even set it up with OpenFeint, so you’ll be able to compete against other players worldwide for top scores.

Angry Boo is deceptively simple, and extremely addictive. We really dig this app.

Layout & Design:

Angry Boo iPhone App Review

Angry Boo

The theme of Angry Boo is decidedly spooky, from the ghostly hero to the app’s ghoulish soundtrack. It’s also really well made. Each level is unique, interesting and full of challenges. You can touch the screen and drag it to see what’s ahead, but there’s no option to zoom out and get a full picture of what a level is like. That’s our only big complaint about the game design. Otherwise, we like the diversity and the fun scary-story theme in Angry Boo. It’s well done and truly universal. This game looks sweet on the iPad’s bigger screen.

Overall Value:

If you download Angry Boo, get ready to sift through some ads. Don’t get us wrong, it’s amazing that you can download Angry Boo and play the first world for free. But eventually you’ve gotta pay the piper. There will be several pop up ads to close in the game. We highly suggest making the small in-app purchase which not only gets rid of those unsightly advertisements, but also unlocks all of the app’s worlds, for just $.99. This is a great game. It’s worth the small investment in your fun. Go get it.

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Angry Boo



Angry Boo iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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