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Stopango: iPhone App Written Review

Stopango for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

No matter how you slice it, public transportation is a total mess. With so many routes, complicated timetables, and various daily obstructions, it’s a miracle that anyone manages to get around these days. However, thanks to the good folks down at, your daily commute into town just got a little easier. Their iPhone application of the same name (Stopango) is a brilliant way to get around using nothing but public transportation and your iOS device. Best of all, the app is absolutely free for seven days, and then subscription supported there after. All in all, if you use a public bus or tram system, you owe it to yourself to give Stopango a try!

Concept and Functionality

Put simply, Stopango brings the information you need about public transportation in your area directly to your iPhone, sans problems. This begins with the geo-tagging functionality built directly into the app. All a user has to do is simply boot the title, sign-up for an account, and then Stopango does the rest. The app automatically determines your location, and then polls around for means of public transportation. The app arranges this information in easy to navigate timetables, making it a cinch to locate the stops and times nearest you. If you’re looking for suggestions, the app will even allow you to view neighboring stops for additional route ideas. Best of all, you can favorite whole routes, or even single stops, that you use on a frequent basis, saving you time while on the go in your typical haunting grounds.

There’s a few other features tucked into Stopango that we also enjoyed quite a lot. Chief among these was the Radar tab, which provides messages created by other users in the area, as well as difficulties reported. This will not only save you time, but also might help you find a fun place to eat, or even rest for a bit. There’s also a Places tab, in case you’re looking for suggestions.

Cloud Integration

Stopango for iPhone

Stopango for iPhone

Another aspect we greatly adored about Stopango was its cloud integration. The app is supported across all mobile platforms, as well as the desktop site. Each of these points is interconnected with the other, giving you ample opportunity to tag favorites, schedule routes, or plan a day-trip. All in all, it’s an incredibly tight package, and makes daily transit a breeze.

Overall Value

As mentioned, Stopango is completely free for seven days, and is then subscription based thereafter. A subscription will only cost you $4.99 for 12-months, making this an incredible bargain for the daily traveler. If you’re fond of public transportation, you’ll be equally as fond of Stopango, we guarantee it. This app gets a full 4.5 stars, as well as a hearty recommendation!

Stopango for iPhoneStopango requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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