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Saver: iPhone Video App Review

Saver iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

It’s hard to get excited about budgeting, but if any app can pull off this feat it’s Saver. Saver is a beautifully designed expense tracker from Alex Solonsky that helps you keep an eye on where the dough goes. That’s handy, especially this time of year, when it’s hard to resist spending a bit more than the budget might allow. So stop being a slave to your bills, and start keeping track of where your money goes with our iPhone app review of Saver.


By organizing expenses in an extremely convenient and delightfully sleek way, Saver manages to elevate the act of tracking how much money you spend to an art form. No, you’re not going to suddenly do back flips every time you pay the water bill, and, unfortunately, the app has not found a way to make your iPhone dispense cash. But Saver does make keeping track of where your cash goes super easy and (relatively) painless.

The app features five main areas. In the balance tab you’ll input your monthly budget and have access to a day by day breakdown of what you spend. You can view entries via a handy calendar interface, edit them any time and even initiate new expense entries right from this screen. Handy, no?

The second tab displays your expenses in a straightforward pie chart. You can choose to view this chart by month, week or year. All expense categories are color coded, a theme that carries throughout the app, making it super easy to see what your main sources of fiscal woe are.

There is also a dedicated new entry tab that adds items to today’s expense list, a history tab that displays monthly expenses in a table and lets you search by keyword, and a settings tab for choosing currency, setting up a password, creating a backup service and accessing a help menu.

In case you can’t tell, we really love this app. It’s no Quicken, but it is an amazingly complete resource for expense tracking on iOS. But wait! There’s more! Check our description of the expense adder below the cut for ever more Saver goodies.

Layout & Design:

Saver iPhone App Review


For a utility, the UI of Saver is nothing less than extraordinary. We especially love the brilliant colors the app uses to track expenses. That color coordinating effort starts in the new entry interface, where you enter the amount of an expense then choose a category. Each category comes with a few preset tags, or you can create custom tags. There’s even a simple way to add a note to an expense (we like this for tracking which account payments come from or adding details) and an in-app camera option to add a photo.

Yeah, that’s one sweet expense adding UI. Not only is it easy, it’s all supremely organized and simply to use. There are no confusing entry wheels or fussy drop down menus. Saver just plain rocks.

Overall Value:

At $2.99 won’t be breaking the bank adding Saver to your arsenal. Sure, it’s a bit more than some other apps you might find out there, but to be honest wouldn’t you rather buy an app that’s going to work and make you smile? If you’re looking for an app to help keep your budget on track, Saver is the answer. Get it. We doubt you’ll regret it.

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Saver iPhone app requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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