Santa’s Christmas Activity Book: Big Fun Coded by the Big Guy Himself

Price: $1.99

Santa’s Christmas Activity Book: iPad App Video Review

Santa's Christmas Activity Book for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We see a lot of applications for children here at the iPhone App Review. We aren’t complaining, but we have to admit, there are days when we feel like we’ve seen every possible combination of cutesy characters and entertaining mini-games under the sun. Thankfully, there are Holiday gems like Santa’s Christmas Activity Book, by developer BBP Creations to keep us going! The app fills an Yuletide niche we didn’t know we were missing, adding up to a lot of fun for both the parent and the youngster this Holiday season. If you’re looking for a fun Christmas diversion on your iPad—or at least something to tire the little ones out on Christmas Eve—read on to get more of our thoughts on this stellar, snowy app!

Concept and Functionality

Unlike a lot of applications for children, Santa’s Christmas Activity Book is not just a repackaged print publication for the iPad’s digital screen. No, you won’t be finding any page turning or text reading here. Rather, the developers have opted to create a stash of top-notch mini-games and activities for your children to engage in, each with a Christmas flair. All in all, there’s a grand total of 10 unique activities, which found us as a wholly satisfactory number. Among the various games listed are such doozies as: Learning to count with Mrs. Claus; writing a letter that can be printed or emailed to Santa himself; and even decorating a tree, gingerbread man, or snowman. Most of these activities can be emailed at printed at your convenience, allowing your child to preserve their hard work on the front of the fridge—or perhaps even hanging from the mantlepiece.

Artwork and Educational Value

Santa's Christmas Activity Book for iPad

Santa's Christmas Activity Book for iPad

Overall, we were quite impressed by the quality of the app’s artwork. We adored the simplistic, retro Coca-Cola style look Santa’s Christmas Activity Book is sporting, and we have a feeling your children will to. As far as educational value is concerned, we also firmly believe Santa’s Christmas Activity Book is eery bit worth its weight in App Bucks. There’s a large emphasis on counting and pattern recognition here, and if you (the parent) are involved even a little, the entire process takes on a much more personable appeal. We do wish the activities came with a few more animations, but considering the touch controls were so simple to use, we can hardly complain much.

Overall Value

For a limited time only, Santa’s Christmas Activity Book is only two dollars in the App Store. At that price, the various mini-games, activities, and Holiday-themed art pieces are well worth the price of entry. There’s a lot of educational value locked away within Santa’s Christmas Activity Book, and we have a feeling both you and your child will adore it this Holiday season.

Santa's Christmas Activity BookSanta’s Christmas Activity Book requires iOS 4.3or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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