Project Library: Even Decimal Couldn’t Have Done This Better

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Project Library: iPhone App Video Review

Project Library for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re like us, you have about five hundred and seven different DVDs, VHS, and BluRay discs laying about your flat. If you’re even more like us, none of these are in any specific order, and more often than not, that movie your friend wants is lost in the slush pile. However, just because we’re a bit sloppy with our organizational skills doesn’t mean we can’t keep our films organized! Thanks to Project Library, by developer Michele Savino, it’s now easier than ever to order, view, and enjoy our film collection. For our full review of this stellar app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, check below beyond the break!

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Concept and Functionality

In essence, Project Library serves as a sort of master catalog for your entire movie collection. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to log and store information about all of your films, the app is a fantastically simple way to do so. The user simply taps the plus button at the top of the menu, and then enters the title of the movie. Project Library then trolls the Internet looking for matches, and when one is found, all of the necessary information is loaded. This includes a date of production, the director behind the movie, as well as important cast members. Depending on the film, the app will even load a short synopsis of the plot. Should you wish to include additional notes (for instance, the location of the DVD within your home) there’s also a field for that. All in all, it could not be simpler to keep your discs organized, especially with such smooth Web-trolling functionality.

Design and Layout

Project Library for iPhone

Project Library for iPhone

As much as we loved the speedy results offered by the app, we do wish it came with a slightly more eye-catching design. The main menu itself felt a bit jarring, with an awkward orange and black color scheme. That being said, the various viewing options (horizontal, list, and grid) all performed, and looked, great on the Retina display. However, considering the app makes it so easy to find and store information about our DVD libraries, we’re more than willing to overlook the slight aesthetic grumble. Another element in our decision to do so is the truly brilliant scrolling mechanic. Once movies have been entered into your personal library, they can be scrolled through via the horizontal cover-flow style design. This makes it easier than ever to see your movies in full HD splendor, and potentially make a selection for the evening’s viewing. Not to mention that it just looks bloody cool on your iPhone. All in all, it’s a truly marvelous package.

Overall Value

If you’re in need of a serious way to organize and view your movie collection, Project Library’s temporary price tag of a dollar makes the title an unbelievable bargain. We’re floored with how simple the app is, and if you’re staring at a mountain of loose DVDs, Project Library is a perfect first step towards organizing your theater selections.

Project LibraryProject Library requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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