PolitiCam: Politics is Personal Again

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PolitiCam: iPhone App Written Review

PolitiCam for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Have you had your daily dose of novelty camera action on the iPhone yet? No? Well, then may we be the first to suggest you today the app PolitiCam, by developer Milk Drinking Cow. The app makes it quick and easy to add notable political personages to your photos, whether they’re brought directly from the photo gallery, or are snapped in the moment. Want to add Ron Paul to your portraits? No problem! How about a Sarah Palin photo bomb? That’s a cinch! For our full thoughts on this entertaining novelty app for the iPhone, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

If you’ve never used a novelty photo snapping app on the iPhone before, the basic premise goes something like this: PolitiCam allows the user to overlay images of various popular and political figures directly onto another photo of their choice. This photo can be added instantly from their iPhone’s gallery, or snapped directly using the in-app camera. This camera, of course, adds nothing in addition to the stock iOS experience, so if you’re looking for a Camera+ replacement, you’re digging the wrong hole. That being said, Camera+ will not allow you to simply click and drag the Queen Mother into your photo— PolitiCam, on the other hand, certainly will. Once added, a figure can be manipulated by simply pinching to zoom, or rotating to . . . well, rotate. It’s quick, efficient, and makes it a snap to add almost any important political figure you can think of to a friendly photo.

Aside from that, PolitiCam is a fairly basic novelty photo app. Users can export their gems to social media sites in a pinch, and there’s also an image viewer in-house to peep your finished productions. All in all, it’s a rather bland affair, but where else will you find the ability to so easily add Sarkozy to your pics?

Design and Layout

PolitiCam for iPhone

PolitiCam for iPhone

In terms of raw design, PolitiCam certainly likes to keep things simple. The bottom panel houses the main function tabs, including the camera itself, as well as a drawer full of politicians and notables. Of course, we would have liked to see even more famous individuals to add to our pictures, but then again, we’re characteristically greedy. We did appreciate the easy, touch-oriented controls, though, as well as the smooth sharing to Facebook and Twitter. We also appreciated how good the notable images are, as they developers have done a fantastic job finding quality shots.

Overall Value

For the dollar it costs in the App Store, PolitiCam is easily worth its weight in entertainment gold. If you’re into the genre, PolitiCam is an excellent addition, and is guaranteed to get a few chuckles out of your mates. Hell, we can’t deny we loved adding the Queen Mum to our favorite party shots. And if anything approximate to that experience sounds like a good time, then PolitiCam is your new best friend.

PolitiCam for iPhonePolitiCam requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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