Piano Mi Christmas Play-Along Songs: Jingling All the Way to Rich Musical Knowledge

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Piano Mi Christmas Play-Along Songs: iPhone App Video Review

Piano Mi Christmas Play-Along for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Every day is a new day here at the iPhone App Review, and every day we’re a little more impressed by the incredible applications landing on iOS’ shores. Top of the list in our recent memory is Piano Mi Christmas Play-Along Songs: Jingle Bells, by developer Dorlymusic. The app is an incredible way to teach your child—or even yourself—to play a classic Holiday tune from your iPad. Once mastered, you can then use the brilliant in-app concert piano to entertain guests until Santa comes. All in all, it’s an exciting package arriving just in time for Christmas. For our full thoughts on this killer musical offering on the iPad, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

In essence, Piano Mi behaves in the same way as those light-up keyboards that are so often given to small children around this time of year. However, the app doesn’t just illuminate the keys in time to a backing track. Rather, it uses a more highly sophisticated teaching method known as the Dorly Oren-Chazon method to get the job done. This method begins, first and foremost, with a series of animated videos, as well as an handful of finger puppets. The first of these short segments merely introduces the tune, featuring a cute, animated series of motions that help you get the melody down. The second video introduces the notes (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, etc.) and repeats the information several times, helping you to lock the specific keys into your mind. Once these videos have been peeped and mastered, the method then sends the player to the keyboard. There are two included pianos, one with a more toy-esque functionality that uses the previously mentioned puppets to help you master plucking out the notes. Once you feel you’ve truly got the hang of things, there’s also an included concert piano that allows for a more realistic playing experience. All in all, it could not be simpler—or more fun—to learn Jingle Bells than with Piano Mi.

Design and Graphics

Piano Mi Christmas Play-Along for iPad

Piano Mi Christmas Play-Along for iPad

If you’re hoping to teach a small child to play Jingle Bells using Piano Mi, you’re in luck, as the app comes loaded to the gills with cute animations and a spacious keyboard made ideal for small fingers. Even if you yourself would like to master the notes, we still feel the cutesy aesthetic is pleasing enough to match a wide audience. However, we do wish the app came with more than just the chorus of the song: There are whole verses that aren’t touched, and with the concert piano at the ready, we feel this is a tremendous shame. Likewise, we also would have liked to see the keys light up in playback mode, though as the narration instructs you which notes to play, this is far less of a problem than the verses.

Overall Value

All in all, as a free app in the App Store, Piano Mi is an unbeatable bargain. No matter who will be learning the song, there’s no easier way to master Jingle Bells for the Holiday season than with Piano Mi Christmas Play-Along Songs: Jingle Bells for the iPad: Barre none.

Piano Mi Christmas Play-AlongPiano Mi Christmas Play-Along Songs: Jingle Bells requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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