Physics 21 HD Will Have you Yelling “Blackjack” All Day Long

Price: $.99

Physics 21 HD: iPhone Video App Review

Physics 21 HD iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If you lust for a little fast paced card action, you’ll love Physics 21 HD from Batuhan Akalin. This game puts a physics-based twist on the classic game of blackjack. So while you struggle to reach 21 you’ll also have to aim with care, collect coin bonuses and battle to the top of a global leaderboard in this addictive universal app. Let our iPhone app review of Physics 21 HD get you in touch with your inner card shark.


There are two main game modes in Physics 21 HD, Single Deck and Timed. In Single Deck your job is to launch cards from the top of the screen into the three bins below. The idea is to get the cards in each bin to total 21. Every time you reach 21 the bin clears, and you can start refilling it. Cards appear in a random pattern, but you do get to see what the next card will be, so strategy definitely plays a big part in the game. There are also a certain number of times you can discard during each round, which is helpful. If you go bust, you lose points.

Timed mode runs about the same way, only every time you make blackjack you get more time, and every time you bust you lose time. The game also has certain card combinations that earn you extra points, and there are coins in the air to collect for even more bonus points.

Thanks to simple Game Center integration Physics 21 HD has a certain competitive edge to it. Trust us, you’re going to aspire to greatness after you see some of the crazy scores other people have on this game.

All these features combine to create a game that’s easy to learn how to play but difficult to truly master, an addictive pickup style card app that we’re pretty sure you’re going to love.

Layout & Design:

Physics 21 HD iPhone App Review

Physics 21 HD

The graphics are clean and fun in this universal app. Navigating the menu is quite easy. There’s even a handy how-to section in case you aren’t sure how to get your game on. Card sharks young and old alike will love the ease of play. We have no major complaints about the UI or the app’s design. The in-app physics are pretty spot on as well, making collecting those coins and aiming a breeze.

Overall Value:

Downloading Physics 21 HD won’t break the bank either. This game is extremely reasonably priced at just $.99, so you have nothing to lose by adding this bad boy to your gaming line up. So go ahead, work on your blackjack skills from the comfort of your very own iOS device. This game is seriously fun.

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Physics 21 HD



Physics 21 HD iPhone app requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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