Noisepad: Limitless Musical Potential on your iPad

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Noisepad: iPad App Video Review

Noisepad for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’ve seen a lot of synthesizer applications for the iPad, as of late. There’s just something about the increase in screen real estate, simple touch controls, and brilliant processor that make the device the perfect companion for the roaming deejay. We’re fans of the genre, and if we may, we’d like to add one of our newfound musical favorites to the heap: Noisepad, by developer MediaGROE is a simple way to add custom sound effects to your live shows, and comes with a heap of future potential. For our full thoughts on this sound board for the iPad, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

Unlike many other music creation tools for the iPad, Noisepad doesn’t offer a full, digital synthesizer for the user to play with—not even a virtual analogy of an analog drum kit! Rather, the app presents the user with a mixing board and a pad full of drum triggers. Each of these triggers displays a portion of a pre-recorded sample, of which the app comes with many. These samples can be triggered at any time to create truly impressive musical combinations. However, this is really nothing new. Where Noisepad really goes off the beaten path is in its power to let its users take control: Any purchaser can upload their own sounds to the app, mapping them at will to Noisepad’s various. To most deejays, this will seem like an obvious benefit, but for those not in the know, this level of control over playback is unprecedented in an iPad application. We’re stoked about the customization and potential Noisepad has to offer, though we did have a few niggles to iron out, first.

Playback and Creation

Noisepad for iPad

Noisepad for iPad

To begin with, Noisepad comes with a fair amount of latency on the pads. There’s a timer function that allows the user to tap in a speed, but its hardly precise, and to be fair, it mostly just added flair to our out-of-time taps. We loved the mixing controls (this includes a cut-off, a pith control, crush functions, and a delay effect) but with no recording ability whatsoever, the mixing board comes across as filler on a mostly empty tank. We understand that Noisepad is intended for the live rig, and the app even comes with full backgrounding support for iTunes, allowing us to add emphasis to existing tracks. However, we’d certainly love to integrate the customization allowed to us with other live, looping apps like Looptastic.HD, or even Garageband. Opening the mic would be a tremendous boon for the app, especially if Sonoma Audio Copy/Paste is included.

Overall Value

For all our complaints, we really did like Noisepad, and the price is precisely spot-on. Furthermore, as more A-List artists add their tracks to the in-app store, the wealth of pre-recorded material will only grow. We’re excited for a day when the app fully supports integration with other music apps, as well as in-house recording: But until then, keep an eye on Noisepad. It’s certainly the new music app for the iPad to be watching.

NoisepadNoisepad requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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