Mind Synchro System: Listening Your Way to Relaxation

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Mind Synchro System: iPhone Written App Review

Mind Synchro System iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Utilizing sound theory, the Mind Synchro System iPhone app can help create a relaxing environment just by slipping on your headphones. This soothing app from De Paolo Papa offers a wide range of tracks in varying lengths that can enhance your meditation practice, or just encourage deeper sleep. It’s also 50 percent off through Jan 6, so you can’t go wrong by tuning in to our iPhone app review of Mind Synchro System.


Mind Synchro System utilizes a unique dual-channel audio transmission system to encourage brainwave entrainment, or brainwave synchronization, through the use of binaural beats and delta waves, along with some seriously soothing wave tracks. The idea is to engage both sides of your brain to create a desired effect, whether that’s deep relaxation, attentiveness or reduced anxiety. Tracks alternate sound between your left and right ear to encourage dual hemisphere engagement in the brain, so it is absolutely necessary to enjoy the app wearing headphones.

There are two main options for audio tracks, the Train Your Mind section and the Relax Yourself section. Train Your Mind has three selections intended for beginners, intermediate meditators and more advanced mind work. Each track has different tones and the higher the level the longer the tracks are.

In Relax Yourself there are also three tracks, a basic two-channel wave pattern, a regenerative track for increased brain activity (this one is really good for getting you focused) and a third for deep sleep. We suggest developers add additional backing track options instead of just using waves.

If you are working on building a successful meditation practice this app can definitely help. Also the theory behind two-channel audio tracks is pretty interesting. Some of the app’s claims, such as its ability to ignite neural pathways that currently aren’t being used, seem a bit farfetched. All we know is this app is seriously relaxing and a great way to chill on a stressful day.


Mind Synchro System iPhone App Review

Mind Synchro System

One of our big concerns with Mind Synchro System was its ability to work while the phone is locked, due to the long length of some of the tracks. Thankfully the developers anticipated this need, and the app works perfectly even if your phone is locked. We did not notice any undo battery drain or issues with the app.

If you peruse the app’s plentiful disclosures it will remind you that the system is not intended to replace treatment for stress or anxiety, not to use it while you are driving or operating machinery and that it is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions or those who are pregnant. That all sounds a bit serious, but the app is, in reality, simply a useful tool to assist in meditation practices, with timers, adjustable volumes and different focuses.

Overall Value:

We’re big fans of anything that makes navigating the plethora of daily stresses easier, and Mind Synchro System delivers some interesting results. After listening to various tracks for about an hour, we feel extremely chill. It also seemed to give us a productivity boost and alleviate a killer stress headache we’ve been fighting. That’s not some medical claim, it’s just a personal observation. The brain is a powerful thing. Why not throw it some TLC? We recommend giving Mind Synchro System a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose but stress.

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Mind Synchro System



Mind Synchro System iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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