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Mike V: Skateboard Party HD:  iPhone App Written Review

Review by Philip Chan

Who is Mike V? Non-skaters may not know him, but he’s a diehard professional skateboarder, heavily involved in the skate scene since the 1980s. Mike’s right up there next to skate pros like Tony Hawk, plus he’s also been a FHL hockey player, professional wrestler, and stuntman. Mike V: Skateboard Party HD is a new release from Ratrod Studio, following on the heels of the successful Mike V: Skate or Die skateboarding game app. This latest release from Ratrod looks to be another solid skating hit, and is also billed as the only HD skateboarding game on the mobile market.


Love skateboard? Love skateboarding video games, from the original (and wildly popular) Tony Hawk to Skate 3? You’ll get a kick out of Mike V: Skateboard Party. Basically, players can choose from three different game modes: Multiplayer, Career Skate or Free Skate (pretty self-explanatory). Choose your character (8 different avatars), customize your outfit and shoes (skaters shoes!) and pick your skate deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. It’s worth noting that all the gear is branded with sponsors of Mike’s, nothing generic here!
There’s a huge array of tricks to master in Mike V: Skateboard Party. 40+ tricks to do, plus loads of combos, and plenty of maps to keep things interesting (skate park, junkyard, motel, plaza, etc). You’ll want to play often to build up your character’s experience points, thus leveling up different skills, RPG-style.
One slick feature of Mike V: Skateboard Party that really impressed me was the ability to play your own music library while playing the game. Have a sick track you want to thrash to while playing Mike V: Skateboard Party? Have at it! Don’t forget the included in-game track, from Conditions & Revolution Mother as well.


If you don’t like the default controls, fear not. It’s totally customizable, allowing iOS skaters to rearrange the layout to fit their bill. Users can select from using analog touch screen control or accelerometer, and adjust the screen overlay opacity to suit their needs. You can even adjust the trucks tightness, allowing to differences in steering as needed. You’ll definitely need to practice to get the hang of the controls in Mike V: Skateboard party, but it’s worth it.

Graphical Layout:

Mike V: Skateboard Party HD

One of the big selling points of Mike V: Skateboard Party is its HD graphics, with retina display on compatible devices. It’s billed as being the only HD skateboarding game available. The game graphics are solid overall, just not completely mind-blowing as one would expect from a game focusing on HD visuals. That being said, the graphics in Mike V: Skateboard Party are considerably better than that of most other skateboard apps on the market, such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Mike V: Skateboard Party’s graphics are much smoother and far more appealing, sure to please most gamers. The vast skate arenas load well and look great, with plenty of thrashing opportunities. Browser layout is also eye-catching but simple enough for a newb like me to browse it from the start.

One of the greatest strengths of Mike V: Skateboard Party is just how solid an app it is, and how little alternatives there are on the market today. Skateboard Party is basically the most solid, graphically impressive skateboard mobile app available for iOS gamers at the moment.

Further replay value for Mike V: Skateboard Party is found through the 25 unlockable achievements. The ‘experience’ points factor found in this app, similar points used in RPGs, lets you upgrade your skater and further strengths this apps value rating. Finally, the multiplayer features (though Game Center with online leaderboards) allow you to challenge your friends online, plus the huge array of customization options solidifies Mike V: Skateboard Party’s 5/5 rating. Furthermore, this app is a universal app, allowing users to purchase it once and run it on all their compatible devices, a great feature. Overall, Mike V: Skateboard Party is a solid skating app, sure to please fans of Tony Hawk and other popular console skateboard games, and interested newcomers to this genre as well.

Mike V: Skateboard Party HD requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up publication of this review.

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