Memorize: The Fun is in the Finding, Not the Arriving!

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Memorize: iPhone App Written Review


Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you a fan of memorization games? Do you find yourself continuously plugging away at them during your morning commute? Better yet, do you wish there was an app that offered mountains of customization, multiplayer with a local mate or an AI, as well as several different card themes? If so, you’re in luck: Memorize, by the developer Mobivention, comes stock with all this and more. Best of all, it also arrives with a free price tag, requiring no initial overhead to test drive. For our full thoughts on this killer puzzle game for the iPad, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Gameplay

If you have ever played a card-flipping memorization game, then you already have a fair approximation of the experience that awaits you within Memorize. The app presents the player with a card spread of a specified size, and then asks the user to start flipping the cards over. A pair of cards can be revealed, but if they aren’t a match, they disappear after the next click. If they are a match, they’re removed from play. This mechanic continues until, eventually, the whole playing field has been removed. All along the way, the app rates the player, scoring them bonus points for using fewer flips, or for moving quickly.

However, that’s a fairly standard experience: What is Memorize bringing to the table in terms of innovation? Well, for starters the app comes with an impressive number of field sizes, ranging from bloody difficult to somewhat easy. Secondly, the app also includes an incredible multiplayer experience that can be shared locally via the same iPad, or a computer player (also the same iPad). This adds a whole new level of gameplay to the mix, and serves to keep the ball rolling.

Graphics and Design



We were quite the fans of the app’s menus: We greatly appreciated the nifty slide-out bar along the side, which granted us easy access to all the app’s important features. We also greatly appreciated the smooth flipping animations and multiple themes. However, it’s worth noting that the cartoony facade of the app may not be for everyone. Memorize is very cute, which though this is a benefit for a younger audience, may put off some of the older folks considering the application. It’s far from a deal breaker, but if you’re put-off by such aesthetics, you should at least be forewarned.

Overall Value

That being said, Memorize is certainly a bargain, clocking in at $0.00 in the App Store. The app does come with banner adverts, which can be removed for a dollar, as well as additional level sizes which can be had for slightly more. No matter how you slice it, though, the app offers endless appeal to fans of the genre, and is guaranteed to keep you, or your children, entertained for hours.

MemorizeMemorize requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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