Mech Gladiator 2: Rock-Em-Sock-Em Mechanized Soldiers

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Mech Gladiator 2: iPhone App Written Review

Mech Gladiator for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We don’t think there’s an eighties boy alive who hasn’t dreamed about a day when all the World’s soldiers have been replaced by thirty-foot tall robots, armed to the teeth with pulse cannons, sticky grenades, and endless machismo. To prove our point, just look at Mech Gladiator 2, by developer Act1 Corporation. The iPhone game lets us live-out all of our futuristic fantasies in real-time, blasting our way to new upgrades and conquest. We aren’t yet sold on the title’s graphics and menus, but if you’re looking for a game in which robots smash other robots, there’s no better pick than Mech Gladiator 2.

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, Mech Gladiator 2 is all about its robot-themed violence. Players assume the identity of an unnamed soldier in the face of a never-ending opposition, piloting a mechanized warfare suit capable of firing out rockets, anti-air missiles, and deadly supersonic punches. Users manage this via the in-app controls, which did take some getting used to in terms of strategy, but really open up after only a few minutes of gameplay. To ease players into the process, Mech Gladiator 2 even comes with a real-time tutorial in which the user is free to blast, dash, and jump to their heart’s content before sliding into the actual gameplay.

The gameplay itself is split into two parts. There’s a challenge mode in which the player must face a gauntlet of three enemies per stage. We were impressed by the total number of stages (15 at last count) and if you’re looking for a way to hone your skills, this arena is the perfect option. All of this, though leads to the Game Center multiplayer, which pairs you with strangers around the world for some Global Village blasting. You can also join up to four local players at a time for death match duels.

Graphics and Controls

Mech Gladiator for iPhone

Mech Gladiator for iPhone

As we mentioned earlier, the controls do take a bit of getting used to, largely because they’re so simplistic. There’s one button for jumping, another for shooting, and yet another for moving and aiming. If tapped in the right way, these buttons also manage dashing, shooting side-to-side, and throwing punches, meaning you’ll have to learn the ropes before you can dish out the damage. We weren’t exactly fans of the app’s menus, which seem a bit lackluster, but the graphics themselves are largely decent. The background textures are gorgeous, while the robot bits are slightly less appealing to our picky eyes.

Overall Value

All in all, though, if you’re looking for a Mech Warrior style experience on the iPhone, there’s no better option than Mech Gladiator 2. The app is only a dollar in the App Store, and allows you to live out your wildest, mechanized dreams without breaking the bank. The graphics are certainly no deal breaker, and with a mountain of content, the app is sure to please.

Mech Gladiator for iPhoneMech Gladiator 2 requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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