Saddle Up with Mad Dog McCree

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Mad Dog McCree: iPhone Video App Review

Mad Dog McCree iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If you think the name of this Wild West gun slinger sounds familiar, you may be fortunate enough to remember standing in front of a huge arcade game taking shots at the low down dirty varmints in the actual arcade version of it. Yes, this is the same Mad Dog McCree we played as kids, a full-motion video game blast from the past ported to iOS by Digital Leisure. Has Mad Dog McCree stood the test of time? Our iPhone app review will let you know what’s what in this one horse town.

Concept & Gameplay:

In case you aren’t familiar with Mad Dog McCree, it’s a story about a western town taken over by villainous Mad Dog. Your job, as a gun toting stranger who just happens to wander into town, is to help restore order through a series of shoot-em-up encounters. In the original you shot at the screen with an actual gun and the linear story line was told through video clips.

The new iOS version of this game is exactly the same. These aren’t redone or refreshed clips, it’s the actual footage from the original game, only you’ll be shooting with your finger and it’s a bit easier to move past video sequences. We suspect young gamers will be baffled by the low grade quality of the video, but in its day Mad Dog McCree was one of the games to play. It looks a bit laughable next to modern games with their slick graphics, but Mad Dog McCree could be pure nostalgic gold if you grew up playing it.

Also, it’s pretty darn difficult. While the tap to shoot and reload interfaces work just fine, the game timing is just too exacting. You have to play levels over and over again to figure out where the bad guys are going to pop up and start shooting before they do or else you’re going to die. And while it takes several shots from you to subdue the bad guys, all they have to get off is a single shot and it’s curtains for you.

Thankfully the game comes in two modes, classic, which is identical to the arcade original, and casual, which is a bit easier, has a different rewards system and a bar that tries to help you shoot on time.

Layout & Design:

Mad Dog McCree iPhone App Review

Mad Dog McCree

While the footage and gameplay are all original content, the user interface received a bit of a polish. It’s digital rough wood motif is not particularly spectacular, but it suits the game.

We do wish the developers had cleaned up the video a bit. Some of the scenes are as foggy as our memories of the game, and it’s particularly hard to see your enemies come popping up, only adding to the frustrating need to memorize the game in order to succeed.

Overall Value:

Despite the rough exterior, outdated concept and slightly frustrating gameplay, we find Mad Dog McCree oddly addictive, perhaps because we’re finally getting a chance to play through the game without having to empty our pockets. This title will cost you $4.99, so if you are nostalgic for the classic arcade glory of your young life it won’t break the bank.

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Mad Dog McCree iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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