Localyzer: When Location Matters

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Localyzer: iPhone Written App Review

Localyzer iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If your location matters, track it with Localyzer, a GPS tracking system from iCarTel Team. We love the idea behind Localyzer for iPhone. It’s the kind of app parents, jealous lovers and business people with legitimate tracking needs can all get behind. That’s what we call range people. Recently we were asked to review Localyzer, but found a few issues with the app. Now it’s back with us for round two of testing after an update. Let’s see how the app is shaping up.


Using a list of addresses you input into the application, Localyzer tracks the time you spend in any given location. Then it turns that information into customizable charts. You can easily get a visual of the average time your iPhone (and you of course) spends with a certain client, at the office, grocery shopping, or really anywhere you want it to. View this information in a pie or line graph, customize the locations you are viewing and even the range of dates you’re looking at.

Also, the app lets you view history by time stamp, making it ideal for contractors who need to remember how much time to bill, bosses who need to keep track of their staff or parents who need to know when their kids get home, leave school, etc. Localyzer doesn’t share this information, which is a really good thing. But you can export it via email as a report.

There are a few things we would suggest to improve the app, like the option to enter an address by typing it in, instead of requiring us to leave the app and add an address as a contact or using a map to scroll and find a local. Otherwise, it’s a really great idea for an app. We like the concept.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work.


Localyzer iPhone App Review


We pride ourselves on spending quality time with every app we review here at The iPhone App Review. So when this app came through for round two, we really took our time with it. Not only did we enter addresses using all of the entry options, we checked to ensure the app was using GPS, that the data connection was active, that GPS was functioning correctly with other applications, we tested while the app was open, we tested while the app was running in the background (which devs claim it’s supposed to do), we even tested while the app was closed, just to be thorough.

No matter what we did, the app did not log the times we entered or exited the predefined areas in the Your Locations tab. There was literally no information in the app, after days of testing. We sent a report from the app, but it was blank. The fun pie and line graphs didn’t even appear. It was pretty frustrating.


When the developers get Localyzer working, we’ll be happy to endorse it. The app looks good, has smart features and the price is awesome. For now, it’s just an attractive place holder on our iPhone 4.

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Localyzer iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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