iDashboard: Your Media, Unlimited Possibilities

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iDashboard: iPad App Video Review

iDashboard for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We don’t get to say this often, so we’re going to do it now with particular relish: iDashboard by developer BolderImage, is an app that’s only a few updates away from being one of the best-selling iPad apps of all time. What we mean is, there’s so much potential for so many users locked inside this one app, that we almost can’t stand it. iDashboard is the perfect blend of so many of our favorite parts of the iPad, and all under one, convenient roof. All in all, if it isn’t already a must-have, it’s certainly a title to keep your eye on. For our full thoughts on iDashboard for the iPad, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

Do you use social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter? How about the News? If you’re like us, you also use your iPad to check your RSS and news feeds with the morning coffee. Sometimes, we even like to listen to music as we do so, or view some of our photos from the night before. Incredibly, iDashboard allows us to do all of these things—and more—from only one application.

iDashboard features a number of singular panels that are dedicated to various functions we’d typically do elsewhere on the iPad. For instance, there’s two panels a piece for Facebook and Twitter, allowing us to view our streams at both locations from one place. There’s also a few notches for RSS feeds based upon genre, all of which can be adjusted to use your favorite streams or sites. There’s even a clock and weather panel to keep us up to date on the day’s happenings. Best of all, you can even play your iPod with the built-in music player. To put it simply, iDashboard is almost everything you need in a tablet, and on a single page.

Design and Graphics

iDashboard for iPad

iDashboard for iPad

In our eyes, the only thing separating iDashboard from immediate iTunes success is its eye-candy factor. The layout itself could not be simpler, and we had no trouble locating or using the various feeds and functions. However, iDashboard is not yet in the same game as iPad staples like Flipboard, which provide a wholly engaging, graphical experience. Thankfully, we feel it is well within iDashboard’s grasp to reach this point. With a few more personalized tweaks (background changes, a fresher color scheme, a few design refinements) we have a feeling we’ll be seeing iDashboard in the Up and Coming section of the App Store in no time.

Overall Value

If you’re looking for the next greatest thing on the iPad, iDashboard is it. The app costs a scant two dollars in the App Store, and assuming future updates continue to bring power and refined functionality to the already impressive bundle that iDashboard is, we can’t think of a better iPad bargain. iDashboard is a must-have, and easily comes with a full four and a half stars, as well as a recommendation from us here at the iPhone App Review.

iDashboard for iPadiDashboard requires iOS 4.0.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “iDashboard: Your Media, Unlimited Possibilities”

  1. Bill Pflum says:

    I cannot find the iDashboard app on iTunes. Is it available? How can I get it. I am also having trouble finding the BolderImage company to ask them about this. Where are they located? Is there site I guess I’m missing it but at quick glance I don’t see anything about iDashboard on their site.

    Please help. I am very eager to buy this app.



  2. dxRc81Il says:

    There seems to be an issue with Apple that the developer is working to resolve, in the meantime Apple doesn’t want the url to be active. Hopefully soon.

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