Grolly at the North Pole: The Darn Cutest iPad Storybook We’ve Ever Seen

Price: $0.99

Grolly at the North Pole: iPhone App Video Review

Grolly at the North Pole for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We don’t mean to brag, but if anyone can claim the title of children’s application experts for the iPhone or iPad, we’d be willing to at least throw our name in the hat. We’ve looked at more eBooks, mini-games, and drawing titles than one can easily shake a stick at, but yet, we’ve never seen anything quite like Grolly at the North Pole, by developer Young Internet. The app is the perfect mix of traditional storytelling techniques intertwined with modern methods and gorgeous, digitized artwork. Best of all, Grolly at the North Pole is available at the limited-time only price of $0.99 (rather than $3.99) until December 21st! For our full thoughts on this superbly orchestrated iPad app for children, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

In all our poking about within the genre, we’ve found that most titles designed for children fall within a few specific categories. In the case of Grolly at the North Pole, the app is definitively an interactive storybook, rather than say a collection of various mini-games or exercises aimed at educating your child. However, that is not to knock the app in any shape, form, or fashion! No, from the ground up, Grolly at the North Pole is a superior work, and one we cannot speak highly enough about.

The app’s story follows the plight of a small girl who is unable to fall asleep. When she actually does manage to get some shuteye, she’s whisked away to a fairy tale North Pole, filled with an unbelievable number of cute and friendly critters that can be poked, prodded or pulled. Your child can enjoy helping the protagonist locate her adorable monster, Grolly, who is constantly harassed by the natives, or is lost of his own device. Each and every animal on the screen responds to touch, producing a menagerie of animations that are every bit as breathtaking as they are engaging. All in all, Grolly at the North Pole is an incredible experience for both you and your child.

Design and Layout

Grolly at the North Pole for iPad

Grolly at the North Pole for iPad

Above all the other elements we so dearly loved about Grolly at the North Pole, we can’t speak any higher of one than the artwork. The app’s illustrations, animations, and sounds are brilliantly executed, producing an entire, polar world of richly vivacious and incredibly detailed creatures for your child to play with. The artwork is every bit as good as a professional print publication, an effort we are more than happy to reward, as well as recommend. Have no concerns: The graphics here are all top-notch, and endlessly fun.

Overall Value

At its temporary launch price of only $0.99, Grolly at the North Pole is an unbelievable bargain. That’s roughly fifteen times cheaper than a comparable print publication, and a whole five times cheaper, even at the regular $3.99 price of entry. All in all, Grolly at the North Pole is a must-have for you and your children this Holiday season, barre none.

Grolly at the North PoleGrolly at the North Pole requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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