GooGoo: Operation Child Distract Is Go!

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GooGoo: iPhone App Video Review

GooGoo for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

One of the greatest things about iOS, aside from its ability to alleviate boredom during yet another office meeting, is its incredible power to distract our children. We don’t know how many times we’ve watched a toddler stare wide-eyed at our iPad or iPhone, playfully tapping away at all the moving lights and sounds. GooGoo, by developer Elven Soft, takes advantage of this to delivery an experience for your toddler that’s both engaging, enlivening, and educational. The app isn’t perfect, but with killer artwork, a cheap price-tag, and an endless amount of entertainment potential, we feel it’s easily worth a recommendation. For our full thoughts on this iPhone and iPad app for children, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

It seems like every children’s application we see on the market today falls into the same pattern: The app itself is usually little more than a rendition of a classic book or fairytale on the iPad’s screen, allowing for basic page flipping and—if we’re lucky—some interactive elements. However, GooGoo takes a different path than this, offering an entirely interactive and non-storybook approach to the genre. Rather than presenting your children with page after page to flip through, GooGoo offers up a set of four scenarios that respond to your loved one’s touch. There’s a seasons sequence, which walks them through the four seasons, a jungle book style scenario, a peek-a-boo mini-game, and even a farm animals selection. Each of these can be played through on their own, or all together in one large play through. All in all, we appreciated immensely how each stage comes packed with vibrant colors, engaging animations, and a plethora of unique sounds. All of these things work to keep our child entertained, and at the end of the day, this is what’s most important.

Design and Graphics

GooGoo for iPhone

GooGoo for iPhone

We can’t speak highly enough of GooGoo’s artwork or sounds, no matter which stage has been selected. The colors are bright and engaging, while the animals and characters presented cute and friendly. Likewise, the plentiful sounds do a lot to keep our children entertained, as do the interactive and touch-optimized stages. However, we are concerned about the app’s educational value: With little to no text, nor narrated overdubs, to give our children specific information (what season is which, what animals are who, etc.) we feel the educational methodology in use here has been masked by pretty animations and artwork. Obviously, the app is aimed at smaller children, so the value of text is debatable: Still, we would have liked to see a little more direct educational value within the app’s stages.

Overall Value

That being said, it’s certainly hard to argue with the app’s stellar two dollar price tag. With four stages, universal support, and more than enough content to keep your tike occupied for hours, we feel GooGoo is easily worth its weight in children’s software gold. All in all, GooGoo earns a solid four out of five stars, as well as a hearty recommendation.

GooGooGooGoo requires iOS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Allison says:

    Thanks I got this app for my kid, who’s only 1 year old and she seems to love it very much.

  2. Stacy says:

    This is so great. My kids loves it. Thanks

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