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GoCal for Google Calendar HD: iPad Written App Review


GoCal for Google Calendar HD iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

GoCal for Google Calendar HD makes combining your Google-centric life with your sweet iOS devices a breeze. This HD version from Light Room works exclusively with the iPad, gives you full screen access to your synched calendars and makes keeping tabs on your life a whole lot easier. So stop trying to choose sides. Our iPad app review of GoCal for Google Calendar HD will help you combine your life the way that you want to.


Google Calendar is an amazing organizational resource, and GoCal for Google Calendar HD helps you make the most of it. The app can sync multiple Google accounts (as many as you want, actually), and even includes other member calendars you’re synced with.

Adding and synching events from the app works extremely well. The event input system supports adding a title, time, repeat, description, location, custom reminders, participants and choosing which calendars to share the new entry with.

The app allows customizable time zone support, week start day and daily time in military or civilian time. You can synch events from the past three years, or just the last three months. Or, of course, choose an time frame in between.

With a useful synch on launch feature you’ll never have to worry about new events, they’ll share across the service every time you load the app, or you can sync manually if that’s how you roll. In other words, GoCal for Google Calendar HD puts Google Calendar on your iPad in a fully functional manner. We have no complaints about the app’s features. It certainly delivers.

Layout & Design:

GoCal for Google Calendar HD iPad App Review

GoCal for Google Calendar HD

The user interface allows for customizable viewing either by day, week or month. Sync, add and settings options are tucked unobtrusively into the top corners of the app, meaning your schedule takes center stage, and rightfully so. An slick side bar interface makes it easy to switch between weeks, days or months, but it’s almost too responsive, causing some navigation frustration.

One of our other layout issues was with the add event interface. It is extremely detailed thanks to all the event options, but it was way too easy to close out of an event that was almost done, losing all your work. We suggest an auto save functionality to help avoid annoying loss of work, or improving the app’s ability to stay on the create event dialogue box instead of closing out randomly to the calendar.

Overall Value:

GoCal for Google Calendar HD is going to run you $4.99 from iTunes. If you’re a Gmail user who loves iOS devices this app is a great way to keep your info synced without using an annoying Web interface. GoCal is smart, easy to use and a solid application. You can’t go wrong for just five bucks.

GoCal for Google Calendar HD iPad App QR Code

GoCal for Google Calendar HD



GoCal for Google Calendar HD iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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