Feather Attack Proves There’s More than One Way to Pluck a Hen

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Feather Attack: iPhone Video App Review

Feather Attack iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

In Feather Attack you’ll battle the Mogambos to maintain supremacy on the farm. This fast-paced game from Ether IT Solutions will put your reflexes to the test. Let’s see if you’re up to the challenge in our iPhone app review of Feather Attack.


Feather Attack is an extremely simple game. You must slash birds and hens (also known as Mogambos for some reason) as they fly across your screen. When they’re hit, these fowl lose their feathers and scurry off your farm out of what looks a lot like shame. If they make it past your defenses then you lose a life. Lose all five lives and you must start over. And be sure to watch out for the bats. If you slash a bat by accident it’s game over.

The game takes place in one setting, so there’s not a lot of variety here. As you play the game does get harder, thanks to inventive disasters like a bar that turns each bird into two. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid losing lives, like when there are birds hidden behind two bats, so the game almost doesn’t seem fair.

Feather Attack interfaces with Game Center so you can keep up with your progress on the global leader board, but there are no achievements or other fun things to aim for. We understand simplicity, but definitely think this game could use some other settings, defined levels, unlockable achievements or other interactive aspects to keep us interested.

Layout & Design:

Feather Attack iPhone App Review

Feather Attack

Feather Attack’s cartoon style graphics are clear and bright. There are several different styles of birds and bats for you to take a slash at and the home screen has a cute bird figure head with blinking eyes. While we weren’t particularly inspired by the app’s graphic design work, it’s passable. Feather Attack’s main game scene is reminiscent of an updated version of Duck Hunt.

The app’s user interface is extremely straight forward. The only options on the main screen are to check out other apps from the developer, tap the flower in the lower right-hand corner to toggle the audio on and off or view a very basic tutorial screen. The game control mechanism works quite well and is extremely accurate.

Overall Value:

While we think Feather Attack is a mildly amusing game to pick up and play for a few moments, we do not think this app has a lot of staying power. It feels like a good first effort, but could definitely use some work. We hope the app continues to improve in the future with a little more structure and extras to keep players engaged.

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Feather Attack



Feather Attack iPhone app requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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